People who LIKE movies have a favorite. People who LOVE movies couldn’t possibly choose.
– Nicole Yatsonsky


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  • If the people in horror movies listened to me they would probably still be alive.
  • Movies are the universal language, transcending borders and connecting people through shared emotions and experiences.
  • I love how, in scary movies, the person yells out, Hello? As if the bad guy is gonna be like,...
  • I have learned from my experiences in this industry that there is absolutely no way to control people’s opinions on...
  • Why do they rate a movie R for adult language? The only people I hear using that language are teenagers.
  • I have an immense amount of respect for acting. I’ve always loved movies and was always fascinated by movie-making. But...
  • Admit it, we all take off our 3D glasses during a movie to see how it looks without them.
  • There’s no thief like a bad movie. – Sam Ewing
  • It’s not what a movie is about, it’s how it is about it. – Roger Ebert
  • Don’t judge a book by its movie.
  • Spending half of the movie wondering where you’ve seen the actor before.
  • The idiot in horror movies who suggests they should split up…
  • Movies are the window to the world, allowing us to see and understand different perspectives and cultures.
  • When someone won’t stop talking while you’re watching an interesting scene of the movie.
  • When I have children I am going to make them watch the movie 2012 and tell them I survived that...

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