Respond intelligently even to unintelligent treatment.
Lao Tzu


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  • Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power. If you...
  • Knowing what’s going to happen next does not count but doing what is needed to respond or prevent such event...
  • If we can share our story with someone who responds with empathy and understanding, shame can’t survive. – Brene Brown
  • Life is ten percent what you experience and ninety percent how you respond to it. – Dorothy M. Neddermeyer
  • There is a big difference between being educated and being intelligent.
  • Intelligence is quickness in seeing things as they are. – George Santayana
  • Grades don’t measures intelligence. And age doesn’t define maturity.
  • The wise respond. The foolish react. The wise think and then act. The foolish act and then regret. – RVM
  • Every generation imagines itself to be more intelligent than the one that went before it, and wiser than the one...
  • Intelligence and knowledge are not as powerful as wisdom and grit. – Dr T.P.Chia
  • No matter how strong, how tough, how intelligent a person is, no one is invincible.
  • Having a good memory helps you pass exams, but it is definitely not a sign of intelligence.
  • The intelligent man is one who has successfully fulfilled many accomplishments, and is yet willing to learn more. – Ed...
  • No matter the situation don’t let your emotions overpower your intelligence. – Turcois Ominek
  • Show your intelligence by listening as twice as you can talk, simply because we have two ears and one tongue....

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