So many of your posts show pain about break- ups. I have studied a great deal on the subject.Here is what I know; hope it helps:
Women who had a hard time growing up (abuse or other) have trouble establishing and/or dating relationships.
The best cure for this is to develop a solid career. Confidence and security are equalizers.
It takes men longer to establish strong feelings of attachment. So, you can’t show you’ve given your heart totally until your sure he is invested.
Finally, men don’t take care of themselves as well as women do. Therefore, they work themselves harder and invest themselves in activities and relationships on a level beyond that of a woman’s. This all means, they have little free time and if they are going to give you some, it’s because they are very impressed with you. But this is a fickle friend and if your time is not as precious as theirs, they don’t cherish your time together.
Didn’t say I could solve your problems but I hope this makes you feel a little better. Basically, just being yourself (a woman) does not guarantee your knowing the inner workings of men and their approach to intimacy.
Good- luck!

Submitted by: mr

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