Sometimes a girl, comes into your life, you think shes the one, without thinking twice, you let her in, show her your life, show her your weakness, show her your strides, let her know you love her, let her know you care, tell her you’ll never leave her, through whatever despair, but one day down the road, to a great surprise, one day she won’t love you, and it will be your demise, you’ll cry a river, shedding tears, thinking all the while, how many years, you spent together, good times and bad, about all the things, you once had, laying in bed, thinking what went wrong, saying to yourself, what other road could I have gone, but this is life, and sometimes it’s not fair, so remember the past, and how wonderful it was, pick up your head, keep moving forward, one day it will be better, for you will see.

Submitted by: nik

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