Suicide. It’s a despicable word to say. I’m tired of living thus lie of acting I’m fine when inside I feel like my heart is shattered, like my brain is judging me contently, like everything I do goes to sh*t. I tried telling my friends how I felt but they just laughed and told me I finally realized that I’m worthless and useless. I cut my arms to try to block out the emotional pain with physical pain but it doesn’t help. I tried everything. I tried talking to adults and they sent me to a mental hospital to help to but it only made it worse.

The only thing that’s keeping me alive is my little sister. I can’t leave her with my unstable (drunk) mother. I’m only living for her, I promised her I’ll protect her and be their for her. But who’s going to be there for me? Who’s going to hold my hand and tell me they love me? Who’s going to see behind my smile and hug me and say I’m not fine? I need help. But I don’t know who to turn to.

Submitted by: Eve.Sunshine

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  • trinity says:

    im proud of you. i know staying is hard but you chose to stay and im proud of you for that. i don’t know who you are but i love you and heres my snap if you need to talk trinityjean4

  • Raag says:


    I completely understand how you feel. It’s exactly how I feel. The only reason to live is someone whom you truly care about. In your case, it’s your little sister. In my case, it’s my mother. Just because I don’t want to make her last year’s in old age terrible and horrible and depressed and perhaps having the wish of dying – the same wish that I have now. Just for her, I cannot die.

    Please reach out if you need to talk and need help. I can tell how how I am surviving, for a little longer.

  • Angel says:

    I also feel like this… and have done this… if you wanna talk I will listen… adults need to realize therapist don’t do sh*t to help.


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