They might be long but at least they are cute.
I know you hate me. But you I still love you. Nothing will make me stop loving you. You never listen. You turn the other way. Just to let you know I love you.
You said you loved me was that even true? You fell for another girl. That girl used to be my best friend. She doesn’t even love you, as much as I love you. I wish I could go back in time, so I can fix this relationship. When I think about you I cry, cause I thought of you and that girl together.
I had a dream one day. That me and you got back together, but my friend took you away. I thought she was my friend. I wish I could stop her, but I acted like I was happy for you. Really I was crying inside. I let you go away. I hope you will break her heart, like she broke mine. That dream came true.
I never thought that we will be back together. I fell for you, and you left me for another girl. I’m heartbroken and you don’t even care. I just wish that we can work this out. But it will never happen. You broke my heart. You took it away. When I wake up and I cry, I know that I was dreaming of you breaking my heart.

Submitted by: Smadore! :)

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