TRUE Love is when:
1. Your family knows him and accepts him.
2. He shows respect to everyone you know.
3. When he asks permission for the little things by your dad.
4. Leaves you little notes everywhere.
5. Notices all of your different smiles and laughs and can figure out what they mean when you do them.
6. Knows why NOT to call you ‘Babe’. He does not own you, it’s just a disrespectful name for a woman.
7. When somethings wrong, he can feel it in his heart and comes to your house.
8. Treats your parents like his own.
9. He doesn’t buy you everything to “show he cares” he just does it.
10. Always by your side though EVERYTHING; however many fights you’ve ever gotten into, or how much he might have hated you in the past, he treats you like you are a princess.
11. When you get in a disagreement he takes full accountability for it even if you both know it was you.

***When a guy does all of these things, he truly cares about you. This is a shout out for the best boyfriend a girl could ever ask for! Jrake, you are the best, I Love You<3***

Submitted by: Maurina Jones

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