We called him tortoise because he taught us.
– The Mock Turtle


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  • The turtle stands on a turtle, which stands on a turtle. That’s the universe in whole, boy. It’s turtles all...
  • I suppose without curiosity a man would be a tortoise. Very comfortable life, a tortoise has. – Agatha Christie
  • All the thoughts of a turtle are turtle – Ralph Waldo Emerson
  • I’m the tortoise in the race, but I’m a joyful tortoise
  • A turtle without a shell is a very strange thing. Even with shells, turtles are very strange things, with their...
  • One day a tortoise will learn how to fly
  • The tortoise stores its wisdom in his shell.
  • Tortoises can tell you more about the road than hares. – Khalil Gibran
  • Moving like a tortoise, full of rigor mortis
  • A turtle never rushes, but always arrives on time.
  • We live in a culture full of hares; but the tortoise always wins
  • Like a turtle, sometimes it’s important to withdraw into your shell for protection and self-care.
  • Men who wear turtlenecks look like turtles. – Doris Lilly
  • I’m as self-contained as a turtle. When I put my key in the ignition, I have my home right behind...
  • It is the fear of what tomorrow may bring that makes the tortoise to carry his house along with him...

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