What are you so defensive? I’m not saying your clean shaved face makes you less of a man. You just look like less of a man.


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  • Don’t hate me because I’m beardiful! The beard isn’t novel, it’s natural. But your continued efforts to maintain a boyish...
  • Some men make the choice to shave. Others make the choice to be Men.
  • Sometimes I think about shaving but then I think: “Nah, I like my legs the way they are”.
  • Regret: What a man feels the day after he shaves his beard off.
  • Of course I think about shaving. I think about how much it sucks and how great it feels to be...
  • If your boss at work asks you to shave, tell him it’s against your religion. If he asks what religion,...
  • Answers to annoying beard questions: Isn’t that beard annoying in the summer? – No, manliness is not seasonal. When are...
  • A beard is a gift you give your face.
  • You call it facial hair. I call it awesomeness escaping through my face.
  • Bearded men make better lovers. Hell, we make everything better!
  • I have the beard. Therefore, I make the rules.

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