Whenever you’re talking to someone who is really attractive, the odds of you doing something stupid are multiplied by 1000.


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  • Life is a little easier for attractive people, can we admit that? Think about it, if a stranger smiles at...
  • A stupid selects another stupid to train, to prove both are stupids. – P.S. Jagadeesh Kumar
  • Attraction is temporary love but love is permanent attraction.
  • Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that. – George Carlin
  • Monday is like a math problem. Add the irritation, subtract the sleep, multiply the problems, divide the happiness.
  • I talk to myself cos I prefer talking to a better class of people.;- )
  • I talk to myself because I only talk to people of a higher class.
  • I don’t care what others say or think about me, at least I am attractive to mosquitoes.
  • Some people talk in their sleep. Lecturers talk while other people sleep. – Albert Camus
  • There’s no vaccine against stupid.
  • Young enough to know I can, old enough to know I shouldn’t, stupid enough to do it anyway.
  • If he were any more stupid, he’d have to be watered twice a week.
  • Is stupid making me drugs?
  • Everyone is entitled to their own opinion…it’s just that yours is stupid.
  • To be old and wise you first must be young and stupid, that’s my excuse.

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