You might be crying right now about something really sad that happened. What ever happened, happened. It’s over now. Forget about it, its the past. . . And who cares about the past? You may have loved them but stuff like this ALWAYS happens. Its in the past and its over now:

>> It’s never over yeah sure it happened but you can’t just forget about it it not just the past it’s the present and the Future. And yeah sure stuff like this always happens but when you lose someone you love and who is close to your heart it is never going to be over.
*I lost my dad 4 years ago now and I still cry and I care about the past, the present, and the future cause no matter what I’m always going to cry and its going to happen again with someone else I love it already has, so no matter what your going to wish it was over but it just never is*

Submitted by: Past, Present, Future

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