Sad Quotes and Sayings

Every day the fat woman dies a series of small deaths.

Who goeth a borrowing
Goeth a sorrowing.

Debt can turn a free, happy person into a bitter human being.

Insaan duniya ka sabse ghatiya janwar hai
(The human is the worst animal of the world)
Movie: Refugee
Star: Anupam Kher

Monsters don’t sleep under your bed, they sleep in your head.

Submitted by: Diana Aguilera on March 10, 2016

Oh honey, you can’t break a broken heart.

Submitted by: Diana Aguilera on March 10, 2016

Some days I lay awake at night just waiting to see him the next day, then I start to cry. I cry because he isn’t mine, and never will be.

Submitted by: Payton on March 8, 2016

And thus the heart will break, yet brokenly live on.
Lord Byron

Today is fleeting
Tomorrow may never come
All we truly have are yesterdays
And that’s all that’s left of us.

Submitted by: Ken S. on February 24, 2016

I never knew loneliness would hurt like this because I found myself crying to sleep and hugging a pillow, pretending it’s you. Till I fell asleep.

Submitted by: Annelize on February 19, 2016

I joke around, talk and make everyone happy and smile but I feel lonely deep down. Wishing that someone would do what I do to others to me.

Submitted by: Annelize on February 19, 2016

When they ask me about you:
I tell them you died or something.

Submitted by: lonly wave on February 19, 2016

If we were meant to be happy, why am I wanting to kill myself? Life is just a lie.

Submitted by: Shadow Punk on February 5, 2016

Me everyday: Today is not my day.

The world and reality is a scary place with lots of bad and evil and some people can’t stand it so they leave the world, and life is as common as death. We walk through the misery, the pain and the suffering only to do it again the next day. Some people can’t handle the tomorrow and the future so they become the past, but the past soon blows away with the cold and darkness and vanish in it only to be remembered years later.

Submitted by: connor on January 17, 2016

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