Self Worth Quotes and Sayings

There is a truth deep down inside of you that has been waiting for you to discover it, and that truth is this: you deserve all good things life has to offer.
Rhonda Byrne

Learn to deflect envy by drawing attention away from yourself. Develop your sense of self-worth from internal standards and not incessant comparisons.
Robert Greene

Neither self nor wealth can be measured in terms of what you consume or own.
– Rolf Potts

I had a dream that my boyfriend went back to his ex… I woke up and giggled because you don’t pick up a rock after finding a diamond.
– Starley Ard

Love yourself instead of abusing yourself.
– Karolina Kurkova

It is often hard to bear the tears that we ourselves have caused.
– Marcel Proust

Body love is about self-worth in general. It’s more than our physical appearance.

The size of your body has nothing to do with your worth. Nothing.

Mirrors are just glass and you are more than that

Love yourself first, and then others.
Chetan Bhagat

You have to just accept your body. You may not love it all the way, but you just have to be comfortable with it, comfortable with knowing that that’s your body.

The minute you learn to love yourself you won’t want to be anyone else.

Don’t hide from who you are.

I always wished that I could find someone as beautiful as you, but in the process I forgot that I was special too.

Life is not divided into semesters. You don’t get summers off, and very few employers are interested in helping you. Find yourself.
Bill Gates

Don’t let anyone tell you to change who you are.
Mark Zuckerberg

I’m not the type who’ll yell about my achievements from the rooftops.
Aishwarya Rai

Don’t misjudge my self-confidence.
Amit Shah

I think I have a better sense of my weaknesses – being self-important, selfish and having a big ego probably triggers all the other stuff. I can see myself more clearly.
K.D. Lang

The older I get, the more I embrace who I am.
K.D. Lang

As you get older, you become more comfortable in your skin and comfortable in saying no to things…I’ve also learned that saying no is just as valuable as saying yes. It’s something that, I think, comes with age and really having a sense of your self-worth. And then you make choices based on that.
Meghan Markle

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