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You can kid the world. But not your sister.
– Charlotte Gray

Never say you love being an only child cause when you and your sis grow up & when she will be gone and you will feel like how it feels being an only child all of these years wishing you never had one.

Submitted by: sarah on June 19, 2012

A sister is someone that you can count on when you need her the most.<3

Submitted by: clara on December 22, 2011

Sisters share a special friendship that lasts a lifetime.

Sisters are more than a friend… No matter what you do to her as long as you are united she will not leave you unlike friends who ended relationship in just a click.

Submitted by: aizeel on December 12, 2011

Sisters know many things about you just like your best friend.

Submitted by: nicole on October 14, 2011

Having a sister is like having a best friend you can’t get rid of. You know whatever you do, they’ll still be there.
– Amy Li


Sister and Friend – two words that mean the same.

Having a sister is like having a best mate you can’t get rid of, you never know what to do, they’ll still be there and help you whenever you need them, no matter what. :]

Submitted by: jessica on January 13, 2012

You know you and your sister love each other when you both get into a fist fight one night and the next night you’re singing drunk karaoke making toasts.:)

Submitted by: Alicia on January 17, 2012

Losing your big sister is a life long journey of never ending pain, tears always just below the surface, true happiness unachievable.

Submitted by: Barbara Stewart on September 17, 2015

In the cookies of life sisters are the chocolate chips.

Submitted by: madison greogry on October 21, 2011

Sisters have a Tom and Jerry relationship, always on each others trail but can never be complete without the other.

Submitted by: martha george on December 14, 2015

My sister always said she’d be there for me in the long run, but no its a long run to get to her.
You should be closer to your sister than you are to your parents.
Never let the fear of a friend keep you away from your sister.
A sister is someone you should keep to yourself, not to lend to your friends.
Sister’s bond is unbreakable, indestructible, unconditional.

Submitted by: Paige on December 29, 2011

Angels couldn’t be everywhere so God created sisters like you, thank you so much for being there with me when nobody else was.

Submitted by: nishanth on November 21, 2016

Your sister can be your best friend. She’s always there to help you out in your problem.:) I love my sister so much.

Submitted by: Kasandra on December 10, 2011

Sister is second mother & first daughter of her brother.

Submitted by: Kankan Dutta on August 15, 2016

Without a sister life is incomplete.

Submitted by: Rajesh on June 27, 2016

My big sister stood by my side through the good, the bad and the ugly; when everyone else walked away or acted like I didn’t matter she didn’t do any of that she picked me up off of the ground and held me up when I couldn’t do it on my own that’s what a real big sister does.

Submitted by: Ashley on October 21, 2015

Having a sister is like having a permanent friend! Someone you can’t get rid of, someone who is always ratting you out! But at the end of the day, you love them so much!

Submitted by: Tass on October 16, 2011

I sat beside my sister on one coach, were two centimeters apart but what made two miles far apart is that we were holding our cellphones chatting with people we think we know and love. We think we are connected to them with common interests not knowing that we have common things a lot. Actually we have the same DNA I dropped my cellphone and walked away. I tried to hold my tears but they were begging me to let them free but I could not I hold in. I kept all the feelings of loneliness inside me. I will be waiting for our chats to come back. Sister, even if you did not drop your phone I will never pick up mine. I will be waiting for you to come back, my sister.

Submitted by: Amal adham elbadoy on October 6, 2016

Boys leave, so do friends, but sisters are friends that will never go. And they just happen to have come from the same mother.

Submitted by: Mandi on January 13, 2016

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