Soccer Quotes and Sayings

If you play for the name on the front of the jersey. They’ll remember the name on the back.

Submitted by: Kurt

If you get knocked down that means your a threat, so get back up don’t say a word and knock them out by winning the game.

Submitted by: Molly Fitz =]

He’s blind he’s deaf he must be a ref.

Submitted by: Madison

Your soccer team is your second family.

Submitted by: Paul

Rain Delays Are For Baseball. Soccer players play in any weather

Submitted by: Lauren McBroom

Soccer isnt just a sport its a lifestyle! you either take it and suceed or you don’t and wish you did!

Submitted by: AgGiEPOOHbEAR

Fight for glory, fight for the win. Pain is temporary, glory is forever.

Submitted by: Janiel

Soccer is love . Soccer is passion me I love soccer you know you can’t explain your first love it just…happens

Submitted by: Anthony

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.
winning isn’t the only thing ITS EVERYTHING.

Submitted by: katie the ultimate soccer player

one sport. One team. One love

Submitted by: emilyy! :)

Ok this isnt a quotes but 4 anyone reading this who is a grl go look at #86…now here’s my quote.
“boys invented soccer,but the girls perfected it!”

Submitted by: hannah

A good soccer player, is someone who practices till exhaustion when no one is watching.

Submitted by: sergio mendez

Soccer will be there for you even when others are not, that moment you step on the field you are one with the game.

Submitted by: Kelly

What you wanna date me, and you wanna go out tomorrow. Sorry I have soccer.

Submitted by: soccerchick

If soccer is her favorite sport, marry her bro.

Submitted by: Oscar Ontiveros

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