Soccer Quotes and Sayings

Never go through life without goals

Submitted by: Gulzz. on October 25, 2007

Soccer isnt a game..its a way of life…in order to be great you have to want it and never give up…if you get pushed..push them twice…never give into them and always strive to be better because all of the pain and commitment will hopefully one day turn from a dream to reality

Submitted by: Caroline on December 30, 2007

If you go 50% you’ll end up eating the dirt if you play 100% you’ll end up scoring the winning goal!

Submitted by: brooke on October 23, 2007

Soccer is a music all on its own. Listen to it…its called the back of the net

Submitted by: gianna on December 1, 2007

Soccer isn’t just a game. If it is just a game why do we put ourselves on the line. Why do we play through our sweat and tears. And why do I have a scar on my face from playing keeper. Soccer isn’t a game it’s my life.

PS. Getting kicked in the face is not as fun as you think, trust me.

Submitted by: Scar Face on July 23, 2013

If you think soocer is stupid then come give it a try.. We will kick you to the curb

Submitted by: socccer on December 15, 2007

Offense sells tickets and defense wins the game

Submitted by: LUCY on December 7, 2007

Blood clots. Bones heal. Tears dry. Suck it up, it’s just soccer!

Submitted by: Cant say on November 27, 2013

Once you play soccer… You love it
Once you love it… You live it
Once you live it… You can not live without it

Submitted by: Paula on November 28, 2008

Soccer, its not how quick you are its how quick you play

Submitted by: momo on October 27, 2007


Submitted by: marie on December 27, 2007

“Who ever said that soccer was stupid, obviously never could play the sport themselves.”

Submitted by: haley on May 10, 2008

Soccer is the reason I’m single today. Cos soccer has stole my heart from any girl in this world.

Submitted by: rodyne perumal on June 25, 2013

Soccer can’t just be played. You have to honestly play it by heart to understand it.

Submitted by: Rosa on May 25, 2013

JESUS is my defender

Submitted by: beka on March 7, 2008

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