Stupid Quotes & Sayings

A day without sunshine is, like night.

Submitted by: mackenzzzzziiie ! on September 8, 2011

Mom: Billy wash your hair with this shampoo.
Billy: Mom I can’t wash my hair with this shampoo.
Mom: Why?
Billy: Because this shampoo says for dry hair, and mine are going to be wet!

Submitted by: JustinBieber on September 7, 2011

I just can’t stand how everyone lately seems to be saying “I mean” before they even start their sentence. Or “I know” “You Know” “Or Whatever” “Like” “Know What I Mean”. All of the people saying these things to me sound very stupid.
How can all these people be graduating high school when they don’t even know how to speak!! College kids even talk like this!! Even doctors are now into saying the word “So” before all their sentences. There is no such thing as English anymore. Our world is falling apart.

Submitted by: Jerrid on August 31, 2011

I owe my parents a lot, especially my mom and dad.

Submitted by: tammy14 on August 3, 2011

A wise man once told me to always listen carefully because…um…I forgot.

Submitted by: Tj on July 31, 2011

I am not insane… My mom got me tested.

Submitted by: Catarina on July 31, 2011

In the beginning God made the heaven and the earth. The rest was made in China.

Submitted by: katie-renee on July 17, 2011

Stupidity is a choice but some people abuse it.

Submitted by: logan donovan on June 16, 2011

Sometimes I sit and think. Sometimes I just sit.

Submitted by: grifjac on June 15, 2011

Doctors must hate apples cos an apple a day keep the doctors’ money away.

Submitted by: ajoi on June 9, 2011

You can be anything you want when you grow up – OK, actually, you can’t. When I was little, I wanted to be a Llama when I grew up. I still haven’t gotten there yet.
My substitute teacher said this! We were all, like, in hysterics…

Submitted by: SarcasmMakesTheWorldGoRound on May 31, 2011

If a bird falls in love with a fish, where will they build their house?

Submitted by: Martin boakye on May 30, 2011

The only difference between genius and stupidity, is that genius has its limits.
Albert Einstein

Submitted by: Mediamonkey on May 25, 2011

When I came to this city, I only had 10 dollars…then I lost that too.

Submitted by: Teacher on May 22, 2011

I never lost my mind, I lost half and the other half went to look for it.

Submitted by: richard on May 22, 2011

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