Waiting Quotes and Sayings

Patience is learned through waiting.
– E’yen A. Gardner

The wait is long, my dream of you does not end.
– Nuala O’Faolain

Waiting because it’s worth waiting for something that is good.

Submitted by: delroy. James on November 21, 2016

After you find out all the things that can go wrong, your life becomes less about living and more about waiting.
Chuck Palahniuk

Don’t wait to be hunted to hide, that was always my motto.
– Samuel Beckett

Waiting is a form of passive persistence.
– Ogwo David Emenike

Standing on a street corner waiting for no one is power.
– Gregory Corso


You don’t get everything all at once. You wait.
– Elizabeth Berg

God’s answer is no, yes, and wait. God has a purpose for his answers because he has a better plan for you.

Submitted by: jesus on April 16, 2017

I just want to hold him, want to kiss him, want to love him, but I’m just tired of waiting for something that may never happen.

Submitted by: Anonymous on November 9, 2015

You have to imagine a waiting that is not impatient because it is timeless.
– R.S. Thomas

I stand here waiting. To disappear or sing.
– Francesca Lia Block

Don’t wait for it.
Go for it.

Submitted by: Tommy on October 14, 2017

Waiting for you is like waiting to see stars on a cloudy sky.

Submitted by: Aditya Romeo on March 31, 2017

The waiting game is like a gun without a trigger.
Kelvin Osaghae


If not today, it will be tomorrow. If not in this world, then I will wait till the next.

Submitted by: Bridie Bumilao on July 9, 2018

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