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Clean your mind, clean your heart, clean your soul and you will be at peace.

Submitted by: daisy jean abestano on August 21, 2013

When men speak ill of thee, live so that nobody will believe them.

Pick your fights;
lose the battle,win the war.

Submitted by: Amanda Paige on March 30, 2008

You can never explain emotions or understand inspirations.

Submitted by: karen on April 20, 2008

Only a fool fights physically, the wise fights mentally

Submitted by: Max on April 15, 2009

To become stronger you must first face your weakness.

Submitted by: Scott on January 26, 2010

When the paper’s crumbled up it can’t be perfect again.

Submitted by: WillYum on November 12, 2010

He who try to please everyone,ends up pleasing no one!

Submitted by: sunny on July 10, 2009

People are not known for the time they lived, But by the memories they left behind

Submitted by: Randy Rod on March 17, 2009

When you’re young, you spend a lot of time being self- conscious about what people think of you. Then you get older and you start to realize they weren’t really thinking about you that much.
– Ewan McGregor

Submitted by: Nolan on November 18, 2009

You have to have a bad day to know what a good day is!

Submitted by: susan mooney on April 29, 2011

You will never be happy with yourself if you keep doing others wrong.

Submitted by: Jarvis Mccloud on June 23, 2010

Fear the man which has nothing to live for.

Submitted by: capt rob on January 15, 2010

You learn a bit by winning but learn a lot by losing.

Submitted by: Faisal on June 29, 2009

The pain you carry, is the Love you withheld.

Submitted by: Versais on May 31, 2009

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