Being Forgotten Quotes and Sayings


Trying hard to forget before being forgotten.

You know what would really help? Not feeling like I’m being forgotten.

One day you’ll realize I’m the one who’s always been there for you.

I can already picture being pushed to the side and completely forgotten by him . It’s a sad thought.

Just because one person doesnt seem to care for you, doesnt mean you should forget about everyone else who does.

I don’t hate you because you left. I hate you because you pretended that you wouldn’t.

If suddenly you forget me, do not look for me, for I shall already have forgotten you.
– Pablo Neruda

If you’re afraid of being forgotten? Then do something memorable.

Its sad when friends become enemies. But whats even worse is when they become strangers.
– Hayley Williams

To be honest, one of my biggest fears is being forgotten…especially by you.


They may forget what you did but they will never forget how you made them feel.

Goodbyes hurt the most, when people leave without saying them.

The worst thing about distance is that you don’t know whether they’ll miss you or forget you.

How can you just forget a person completely until the moment you see his face again?
– Melina Marchetta

Sometimes it’s hard to forget someone who you had so much fun with, but don’t worry I’m trying my best to remove every memory I had with you. So get ready to be forgotten.
– Rameesha Khay

Choose to forget first before being forgotten.

I dont like being forgotten. Im too pretty for that.

Hey, remember me? We were best friends when you were single.

All the things one has forgotten scream for help in dreams.
– Elias Canetti

Dont you dare start remembering me, when i’ve forgotten about you.


Forgetting your only friend to make new ones won’t make you happier, cooler, or more loved. It’ll just hurt you more than anything.
So don’t forget!

Submitted by: bookworm

One who easily forgets can be easily forgotten.


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