Being Ignored Quotes and Sayings

Nothing’s worse than being ignored or disregarded by the one you care for most!

I texted you, you didn’t text me back. I feel stupid.

Being ignored by him is the worst thing he could ever do to me.

Submitted by: EmmGrace Gebusion

That moment when you are completely falling apart and nobody notices…

I hate being ignored with a passion. Tell me what’s up & I’ll leave you alone.


They ignore you now but need you later on.

I’d rather be hated by a lot of people instead of being ignored by the person who means the most to me.

You know what I hate? being ignored, put down, judged, feeling insecure, being hurt, & losing friends.

I’m that horrible friend that reads your text then puts the phone down to do something and forgets to reply until 3 hours later.

That bad feeling you get when your crush ignores you, and you just think in your head what did I do…

Ignoring a question is more painful than a slap.


I hate being ignored. I should throw a brick in your face.

I hate being ignored, just tell me what’s on ur mind .

Dear boy, I don’t like being ignored, and I don’t like being forgotten. especially by you. Sincerely, me.

I don’t like being ignored by you, even if I ignored you first.

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