Being Yourself Quotes and Sayings - Page 6


Walk your own footsteps into life, not along those already made!

Submitted by: Blood

Be true to who you are.

Submitted by: Winter Chief

Don’t change yourself for someone, be yourself as you are, let them all watch.

Submitted by: moin

If you are not being yourself, you will eventually hate yourself.

Submitted by: Adesiyan Adeyemi

It doesn’t matter what they are. What matters is that you’re being true to yourself.

Submitted by: Hazel

Stay what you are today because that’s the best asset to yourself.

Submitted by: Hazelnuts

Being yourself is about as beautiful as it gets in this world.

Submitted by: Nisha

I always have a nice day, the people around me may not but I do.

Submitted by: stephanie

I’ll be the one to swim against the current.
– Hanna Schwab

Submitted by: Hanna

You can not be yourself if you compare yourself to others.

Submitted by: ROY

Let them you judge all all they want, but also let them keep the verdict to themselves.

Submitted by: Dartoo

Everyone says I just wanna fit in, but why would you wanna do that when you are you, special.

Submitted by: Nikki

Someone’s opinion over your life doesn’t have to be your reality.

Submitted by: Coollady

When people are that certain way and it just gets to you, you just have to bypass it because you will never win, just think it is their problem, I know it is hard but in the end it is their problem and if you don’t think like that one day you will realize you wasted your life dwelling on that and it has only affected you.

Submitted by: Not Fair

Be who you are and not what people think who you are.

Submitted by: alicia

It doesn’t matter if you’re not perfect as long as you are who you are then that’s all it matters.

Submitted by: nicky

Opinions are neither required nor desired !! Live for your heart’s content not for others’ compliments.

Submitted by: indu sri

Be amazing. Be good. Be pretty. Be strong. Be smart. Be cool. But the most important thing, be yourself.

Submitted by: Kelsey

Being self is the most difficult thing to do for some people.

Submitted by: barswam

The more you strive to be like somebody else the less you become yourself.

Submitted by: M

Don’t strive to be different. Strive to be yourself, and to others that is different.

Submitted by: Ale Mitchell

Normal is just a setting on the drier.

Submitted by: Mattea B

Come as you are, love what you do, live your life to your fullest cause we only live once, so keep it original don’t forget your spirit- twinkle makes life’s rainbow shine bright.

Submitted by: T A nna Mosby

I’ve always found it interesting that everyone has always asked me why I wasn’t more like them. I looked right back and asked why it was so important for me to be more like them and they never had an answer. I immediately asked why they weren’t more like me, and they would respond that they would change for nobody, I would look right back at them and ask them, “Then why should I?”

Submitted by: DJ Anthony Michaels

Don’t become a radio for others to tune.

Submitted by: kaleem

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