Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can I use an image provided on your website?
Answer: Go ahead. If possible, please give credit to the website.

Question: How can I submit a quote?
Answer: You can submit a quote here

Question: I submitted a quote/comment earlier, and Why don’t I see it on the website?
Answer: If a similar quote is already on the website, it’s possible that quote might not have been approved. If your quote was submitted in the wrong category, it might have been moved to the right category. We try to maintain good quality of quotes, so some quotes get rejected and many times there’s already a similar quote on the website. Also, we often have hundreds of quotes in the moderation queue. We check each submitted quote and publish the ones which are good.

Question: Can I copy a certain quote to my profile on Facebook/Twitter/Blog?
Answer: Yes. We recommend giving credit to the author of the quote.

Question: Why some of the quotes on this website don’t have credit to the author?
Answer: The website is being updated. We are adding author information to the quotes. However for many quotes, we can’t tell for sure whom to credit it. If you could help us about author of a certain quote, you can contact us here.

Question: Can I print a certain quote on a T- shirt?
Answer: We don’t have any problem with that. As far as we know, you can do this, but we’d recommend contacting someone who has more knowledge about copyright laws. Also, you could try contacting the author/concerned person related to the quote.

Question: How do I report a bug/error in the site?
Answer: Please contact us here and tell us about the error.

Question: I submitted a poem. Why it hasn’t been added to the website so far?
Answer: We apologize for this. We have so many pending poems submissions. We have to check each poem, research the internet, if it is indeed an original poem submitted by the poet, and we have to correct any formatting errors.

What’s the difference between a quote and a saying?
Answer: A quote is something that someone known has said or written. A saying is not credited to a person, the exact origin is unknown.

Question: I have a lot of quotes that I want to publish on but submitting quotes one by one is time consuming, is there any way I could submit all quotes at once?
Answer: Please send your quotes in an email to admin(@)