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Best friends are people whom call you at midnight laughing about something that happened last year.

Submitted by: Amber

Best friends are the ones where you can share a look and burst out laughing, yelling out an inside joke.

Submitted by: Emily

A true friend realizes something about you that even you have no idea about.

Submitted by: SR

A fake friend would knock on your and ask to come in, A real friend would just walk in and yell “I’m home, whats for dinner?”

Submitted by: Char

When we are old and crippled, we will still take pictures every time we hang out and post them on Facebook!
When we are wrinkly and old we will still go to the men’s department in stores and hit on random guys!

Submitted by: ilysfm

A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future, and accepts your today!

Submitted by: ashlyn

(Read this ’till the very end!)
A true friend got a million ways to make you laugh. You’re looking out for me you got my back. It’s so good to have you around..
A true friend know the secrets you could never tell. And when you quiet he/she break through my shell. Don’t feel the need to do a rebel yeah cos a true friend keeps your feet on the ground..
A true friend is there ’till the end..He/she pull me aside when something ain’t right talk with you now and into the night till’ it’s alright again…That’s a “TRUE FRIEND”

Submitted by: Liv Kelsea L. Romarate

A true friend will not judge you but help you to over come those who do judge you.

Submitted by: Shorty

Friends will be there to comfort you after he breaks up with you.
But best friends will be the one on the phone at 3AM making chicken noises into the phone.

Submitted by: LoonyGirl(:

When you find your best friend, it’s like finding the other half of you. :)

Submitted by: -weirdo27-

Only a few people see the pain behind your smiling face, those people are called: True friends.

Submitted by: Lola

A true friend always tells you the truth, no matter how much it hurts you, even when it’s the last thing you want to hear.

Submitted by: Vonda Shrader

Friends say go do it, Best friends say LETS GO DO IT :)

Submitted by: chocolate gill

A friend is someone who defends you when you have embarrassed yourself.

Submitted by: Your Friend

My best friend is the one who will give me advice when I ask for it and listen to me talk.
My best friend is the one who comforts me when I’m down and doesn’t tell me how to make it better until I ask.

Submitted by: emmygirl

A friend will stay on the phone when your upset but a real friend will run to blocks just to hold your hand.

Submitted by: twilightgirl347

Friends look at you with adoration, but best friends have a look that is constantly annoying that you would die without.

Submitted by: Sarahh

A true friend will support your decision as long as it makes you happy and even if it ends in hurt they will be there to pick you up, they won’t ever say I told you so.

Submitted by: bubblegum

True friends are those who tell it to you as it is – in bold black & white. They are had to come by.

Submitted by: Annah

Friends Are People You Feel Comfortable Around.
Best Friends Are People You Can Be Yourself With.

Submitted by: niyah

A true friend is a friend who could see there is something wrong even when you’ve the biggest smile on your face.

Submitted by: Jessica.G

She is like the sister I never had… And the best friend I will always have:) and she knows that I do not need rhymes to tell her…

Submitted by: cassie

A true friend won’t leave you no matter what you put them through.

Submitted by: chyenne

Friends come and go, but there’s always one you’re stuck with for life.

Submitted by: Kristina

A friend is someone who you enjoy being around but a Best friend is someone who you scream at and you annoy. You don’t realize how much they mean unless they’re not there anymore.

Submitted by: unknown

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