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God made us sisters, but our hearts made us friends, and even through all the drama, we will be together until the end.

Submitted by: Beth

When you get into a break up a FRIEND will say ohhh I feel so bad 4 u
a BFF will say I hate it when guys do that im gonna go up to him and see why he dumped you and make him get back with you.

Submitted by: anna akhayan

Dont let go of your friends beacause they will stay with you forever

Submitted by: asowm

We are best friends because we have the same problems

Submitted by: cutiepie007

A true friend is one who shares the same enemies as you!

Submitted by: Katie

Best friends are the ones that are always by your side they never leave you and they say your the best a false friend won’t be with you during the times your at school she will always be with you everywhere you go and she won’t go with anybody else excpet for you thats your true friend =]

Submitted by: Gaby Martinez

Frienship isnt whom youve known the longest its the one who came and never left your side

Submitted by: Gaby Martinez

*- !!A best friend is 1 that is always by your side no matter happenes*- !!

Submitted by: Gaby Martinez

BEsT fRiEnDs <33
like a never ending story, or a never ending road, just only wish they could stay forver

Submitted by: Allison

Friends are like stars there are so many out there you just don’t know all of them yet, their the friends you havn’t met yet

Submitted by: ..XX codie...XX

A friend calls your parents mr and mrs but your best friend calls your parents mom and dad. Thats how close a best friend can get and yours are as good as they get!

Submitted by: V@ness@

These quotes are soo sweet, I said the one bout fake frends and real frends to my best frend danny and as soon as I sed it he sed this “Its Me And You, Best Friends Forever Till The End” :) I Love Him Soo Much He Will Always Be My Best Friend :)
Love Ya Danny :)

Submitted by: trish

A friend is someone that can never leave your side and is always there for you. A friend is one you can trust and hold onto forever and can never forget!!

Submitted by: Brandi Jones

Yo, when we be old, we be best friends,
we be chillin at the nursing home
saying, YO, do you remember when ?!

Submitted by: your mom

Best Friends Are To Keep Always. Never Let Them Go. Or You Will Regret It Till The Day You Die.

Submitted by: Becca

A frind is always some one that will never walk out when you walk in

Submitted by: Emily

The best mirror in the world is an old friend.

Submitted by: Tara

A friend is someone who picks you up when you fall. But a Best Friend trips you then laughs!
This totaly tells the story of my friendship!

Submitted by: Katey

Friendship is a hug, which you never want to let go of.

Submitted by: Ice Dragon

Friends are awesome!

Submitted by: bob

One of my best friends is moving far away soon and I don’t know what to do!
im so sad about it and im going to miss her so much. But I don’t want to talk about it with her and make her even sadder about everything.
what do you think I should do?

Submitted by: ... xx

A friend is someone that makes plans to go to paris while you go to disneyland but a best freind sells her ticket to paris to be there with you when you get over your fear of roller costers
i wrote that its a true story all my friends were going to paris for a week but my best friend sold her ticket to go with me to disneyland shes the greatest friend in the world love her!!!!

Submitted by: hahahaha

A true friend is some one that is you friend for eva,and always thinking of you.

Submitted by: Tara

A friend is someone who is always there to help you

Submitted by: anoymous

A true friend is the one who asks you “How are you?” and waits for a response.

Submitted by: Cheezemeat

A true friend has a helpful hands. A lending hands for you.

Submitted by: la la la la

When you trip and fall friends will help you up but best friends will be laughing so hard because thay r the ones that triped you

Submitted by: Laurie

Friends will confort you after you break up with your boyfriend but best friends will smack him across the face and tell you that you are too good for him anyway

Submitted by: Laurie

Friends sleep over once or twice on the weekends but best friends come over to your house monday after school with a suitcase and say I am home did ya miss me.

Submitted by: Laurie

Friends will always be there in ur time of need but best friends will be there if ur in need or not

Submitted by: Laurie

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