Best Friend Quotes, Sayings for BFFs

A friend will hold out a hand when you are on the ground, but, a best friend will hold it out once you have already stood up!:- )

Submitted by: Hannah

We all seek out friends.
We all seek to make people happy, to make ourselves happier.
But there are those who are nice to you who you know, there are your friends…but beyond that are your true friends.
They are real.
They show the goodness in themselves so you can feel good even on the darkest of days.
They listen to you even when they have somewhere else they need to be.
Oh life.

Submitted by: Oscar

Best friends- always there for you when you are bored..answer every phone call..take you everywhere..there when you need them most..what could I do without my friends. Love you loads I’ll always be there for you.

Submitted by: Emma C from Ireland

One of my best friends is moving far away soon and I don’t know what to do!
im so sad about it and im going to miss her so much. But I don’t want to talk about it with her and make her even sadder about everything.
what do you think I should do?

Submitted by: ... xx

A true friend has a helpful hands. A lending hands for you.

Submitted by: la la la la

A friend will help you up when you trip and fall on the ground. A best friend will jump on top of you and yell “Dog pile!”.

Submitted by: Shelby

A best friend is someone you go to for help. A best friend is someone that listens to you. They are better then siblings and they care and they are on top of your list no matter what and they will fight for you if you are too weak and they will be there though your whole life. Whether it is someone from 6th grade or someone you just met sitting there all alone by themselves and you asked them to play with you. No matter where you live, where you are, where you sleep, there is always a friend like this.
I made this for my best friend Sara from quest and she is a friend like this I hope every one can find a friend like this.

Submitted by: some name

A true best friend will always be there for you, rain or shine. A true best friend doesn’t try so hard to be your friend because you both know it. Your true best friend will pick up the phone at 4:00 a. M when you’ve had a scary dream and know how you feel when you’re upset. You never want to lose your best friend, but it’s one of those things that some people take advantage of and when they do lose them, unfortunately, only then do you realize how much you need her/him.
A true best friend will cry when you do, celebrate when you are happy, invite you over when you feel upset, always take your side, and see in you what even you can’t see in yourself.

Submitted by: Sasha Smith

Friends are like flowers, some are real, and some ar fake!

Submitted by: Candy

Without my best friend I’m only surviving,
when I was with my best friend, I was living.

Submitted by: sarah

Best vittamin for making friends is B1

Submitted by: donna

A friend is someone who picks you up and tells the taxi to take you home, a true friend is someone who picks you up gets a taxi with you and then sleeps over with you.

Submitted by: Holly O' Doherty

Best friends are the ones who look at you and know exactly what you’re thinking. Best friends are the ones who can go into your house and call your parents mom and dad. Best friends are your pillow at a sleepover. Best friends are the ones who will cover for you whenever need be. Best friends are also known as soul sisters.<3

Submitted by: CassieGoesRawr

Close or apart,
NO matter what . . .
your still in my heart <3

Submitted by: Anida Mannorind

A best friend looks past your flaws and sees the gorgeous person underneath.

Submitted by: Ashley

Everyone hears what you say, your friends listen to what you say, your best friends understand what you don’t say.

Submitted by: kjanela

Best friends are like the filling of your sandwich and friends are like the crust you never eat.

Submitted by: riley

Friends are easy to find, but best friends aren’t.

Submitted by: Melissa

A real friend can’t go ahead of or following you..real friends go side by side.

Submitted by: lia

Its hard to accept that the person you treated as best friend has found her new best friend.
Some says if the person doesnt like you anymore, you shouldn’t force yourself to be with him/her again…if you will it will just hurt you.

Submitted by: genalyn

A true friend is a friend who could see there is something wrong even when you’ve the biggest smile on your face.

Submitted by: Jessica.G

A true friend is someone who holds who up whe you’re down.

Submitted by: Teresa

A best friend is that friend who is bold enough to ask you that one question which is difficult to answer.

Submitted by: Esebelahie .o. Richard

Good friends are kisses blown to us from angles.
But best friends are kisses blown to us from god himself.

Submitted by: fsjdal;

A best friend is someone who you can rely on anytime no matter what.

Submitted by: Gaby

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