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Your best friend is the person you will attack with a hug after not seeing each other for a while.
You know you’re friends when you hardly ever see them but still know everything about them from the time you last saw them & when you do see them on that one special time, minutes feel like seconds and hours like minutes but you still spend every second you have to catch up with them and find out that nothing new has changed with one another.
Your friend will listen to some stuff you say, you’re best friend hears all this random sh*t that they probably didn’t want to hear. A friend will tell you it’s okay when a friend of yours dies but a best friend will be crying with you feeling the connection you had with them or because they were friends with them because of you. A friend will plan things with you days or weeks a head of time, best friends will plan things with you that day right then and there and tell you a few minutes before they come over no matter what you are doing.

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A true friend sees the good in everything and brings out the best in the worst of things.

Submitted by: Rakesh

Even on those days I feel like hiding and crawling into a hole. You still drag me out always knowing how to ruin a good bad mood.

Submitted by: Shannon

True friends will always be there when you’re in trouble.

Submitted by: kelvin

Best friends are like pillows…always there to rest your head on.

Submitted by: emily

A best friend is someone who can make you laugh, while you are crying.

Submitted by: Karel

A friend will say “We’re best friends!” a true best friend will say “We’re sisters with different last names.”

Submitted by: Emma

A best friend is the one who sticks with you through thick and thin. For richer or poorer, till death do you part.

Submitted by: Sister Jo

When a best friend moves across the country… Buy more unlimited texting .

Submitted by: Rosalita

A true friend won’t leave you no matter what you put them through.

Submitted by: chyenne

Best friends are the ones where you can share a look and burst out laughing, yelling out an inside joke.

Submitted by: Emily

True friendship is seen through the heart, not through the eyes.

Submitted by: Rakesh

When you’re crying, a friends first question is “Are you okay?” and walks away if you say, “Just something in my eye. ”
A best friend will slap you on the back and says “Get over it” and takes you to the movies.

Submitted by: greekclare

A best friend will tell you the painful truth.

Submitted by: veronica Goode

Sisters forever.. Men whatever.. When worse comes to worse.. My sisters comes first..
Real friends will be there forever.. Even if they’re miles away.

Submitted by: *~Samm(:~*

Men kick friendship around like a football and it doesn’t scratch.
Women treat it like glass and it still shatters.
This is true in my eyes.

Submitted by: maddie

We go down we go down together, because best friends means best friends forever(:

Submitted by: Zoa Chapman

Friends come and go, but best friends stay forever

Submitted by: Lexi

A friend will say “I’m right behind you” but a true friend will be right beside you holding your hand the whole way.
My best friends are the type of people I can always count on. They will be there when I need someone to talk to, and even when I can’t talk to them, I know that they are there for me!

Submitted by: Laikyn

Friends are like pie, there are a lot of different kinds but there will always be your favorite.

Submitted by: Morgan McAuly

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