Best Friend Quotes, Sayings for BFFs

Hanging out day by day, we make our memories in our own little way .<3

Submitted by: Randixoxo

It’s the times we’re so crazy that people think we’re high, it’s the times we laugh so hard we can’t help but cry it’s all the inside jokes and “remember whens” those are all the reasons that we’re best friends.

Submitted by: Aleirah

If you and a friend were fighting over a cookie,
A friend would split it in half and share it.
A best friend would snatch it and shove the whole thing in their mouth!

Best Friend Quote: If you and a friend were fighting...

Submitted by: ashley

Friends say go do it, best friends say let’s go do it.

Submitted by: Reyes

A true friend is better than gold.

Submitted by: rizukia7

A true friend would watch you fall and help you up… As soon as they’re done laughing.

Submitted by: samantha

A best friend is the sister God forgot to give you.

Submitted by: Natalie

Friends call you by your real name.
True friends call you by a crazy made up name that only a true friend would laugh at.

Submitted by: Emily oliver and mollee roeser

A best friend is someone who never leaves know matter how hard you punch them.

Submitted by: Zoey

Our friendship won’t suffer the distance my dear
no matter how far, I will always be near.

Submitted by: Jill

Friends are like chocolate!
Sure, you could live without them, but you’d be living your life totally incomplete.

Submitted by: Jojobean

A friend will be follow you, but it takes a true friend to stand by you

Submitted by: ashley

A friend will never tell you something you don’t want to hear.
A best friend will be brutally honest with you if they know that that’s what best for you.

Submitted by: john carlo estember

When you have those moments that you have with no one else you call them your true friend.
What kind of friend sees what you see. Thinks what you think. Hates what you hate. Wishes what you wish. Loves what you love. And feels what you feel?..your true friend.

Submitted by: tata

A best friend shares your pain, is mad at you when you make wrong decisions but laughs when all is well.

Submitted by: Donna Jerry

There comes a point in your life when you realize who really matters, and who never did and who always will.

Submitted by: Maria

True best friends are like chopsticks; without one, they can’t work.
– Sasha Smith

Submitted by: Sasha Smith

When you fall, a friend will help you up and say “are you okay?” but a best friend will walk by and say “walk much loser?”

Submitted by: i

It is easy to love someone, tough to be friend and toughest to remain friend forever.

Submitted by: Lucky

Your friends will stick with you by your side, but boys will break your heart and make you cry.

Submitted by: Lizzy

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