Best Friend Quotes, Sayings for BFFs

I friend is something nice to have around you will always need them but you may not always have them so treat them well and keep them in your heart forever!

Submitted by: Megan

Time goes fast when you’re with a true friend.

Submitted by: Leonie

A real friend will be there when you’re lonely a fake friend will just say it’s OK and leave.
A real friend never talk behind yo back a fake friend will.

Submitted by: miranda

Friends are the best,Forget about the rest

Submitted by: xBlossom-Girlx

A friend is someone you like to be around. But a best friend is someone you never want to leave.

Submitted by: EmilyC

You can have everything: wisdom, strength, and health. But you cannot be happy without a true friend.

Submitted by: Greg

Friends are like stars there are so many out there you just don’t know all of them yet, their the friends you havn’t met yet

Submitted by: ..XX codie...XX

Love may hurt your heart and yet losing your friends are the only way to break “it” into peices.

Submitted by: jack black

Best friends aren’t just there for your ups and downs they are there for life! So make sure you have the best of friends and if they don’t treat you how you treat them, I would lose them because true friends don’t care what you look like, don’t care if you have other friends, they care for what’s on the inside not the outside!

Submitted by: Le-Anna

True friend are like kisses given by angels.

Submitted by: Vang

People are like wow those girls are always together damn rite cause we r best friends forever..

Submitted by: vlera

A true friend will not judge you but help you to over come those who do judge you.

Submitted by: Shorty

Life may lead to such pain in your soul but friends will always make it better in the end.

Submitted by: jack black

Friends are angels who lift us to our feet when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly.

Submitted by: Teah monique

When im with my friends boring isnt a word :L

Submitted by: Neamhy ellie

The hardest thing to see is when your best friend goes out with your ex- boyfriend.
Friendships are like glass, cause if you do something wrong they will hurt you.
If friends leave you alone by yourself, just forget about the friendship and move on to another friend.

Submitted by: Sarah

Friends borrow your stuff, give it back the next day. Best friends borrow your stuff, and several months later at a sleep over, hey those are my pj’s… Really?!

Submitted by: Charity

When an all- nighter means not getting up to pee…when “getting lucky” means finding my car in the parking lot…when the candles cost more than the cake…I promise you that we’ll still be best friends!!

Submitted by: CrAzY ChIcKa!!

A best friend knows that a simple argument means that they’re going to be friends forever…but friends think a simple argument means that they are never going to be friends.

Submitted by: Valeria

A friend is a drug given to us by life for when your at your darkest, theres that friend that helps ease the pain, and at times makes the pain go away.

Submitted by: louis

Me and my best friends can communicate just with…face expressions.

When you get into a break up a FRIEND will say ohhh I feel so bad 4 u
a BFF will say I hate it when guys do that im gonna go up to him and see why he dumped you and make him get back with you.

Submitted by: anna akhayan

A friend is ur reflection mirror that you can see in the abscence of the mirror.

Submitted by: mona

I promise we will always be best friends. When we’re old in wheel chairs, we’ll still be puttin those pics…
on MYSPACE!!!!
:) :) :) :) :)

Submitted by: kourtney

Friends make us younger.

Submitted by: Rosalita

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