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Friends are like balloons
If you let go you’ll lose them
So tie them on tight

Submitted by: Hannah

The best feeling in life is to know you have true friends that will never leave your side.

Submitted by: Jose

A best friend is someone you go to for help. A best friend is someone that listens to you. They are better then siblings and they care and they are on top of your list no matter what and they will fight for you if you are too weak and they will be there though your whole life. Whether it is someone from 6th grade or someone you just met sitting there all alone by themselves and you asked them to play with you. No matter where you live, where you are, where you sleep, there is always a friend like this.
I made this for my best friend Sara from quest and she is a friend like this I hope every one can find a friend like this.

Submitted by: some name

Friends are the people in this world that make us appreciate what life has to offer.

Submitted by: kai s.

A best friend is that friend who is bold enough to ask you that one question which is difficult to answer.

Submitted by: Esebelahie .o. Richard

When you have those moments that you have with no one else you call them your true friend.
What kind of friend sees what you see. Thinks what you think. Hates what you hate. Wishes what you wish. Loves what you love. And feels what you feel?..your true friend.

Submitted by: tata

Without my best friend I’m only surviving,
when I was with my best friend, I was living.

Submitted by: sarah

A best friend is one who follows you everywhere and is always caring and kind to you.

Submitted by: jacky

A best friend looks past your flaws and sees the gorgeous person underneath.

Submitted by: Ashley

Fake Friends come & go. True friends will stay, that’s how you know.

Submitted by: YmCmB

A friend is someone who picks you up and tells the taxi to take you home, a true friend is someone who picks you up gets a taxi with you and then sleeps over with you.

Submitted by: Holly O' Doherty

A good friend can only see if you are happy.a true friend can see your happy but know your crushed on the inside.

Submitted by: Chelsea.

A true friend will be there when you fall, or when you cry they will catch the tear, or sit with your sad, and even help you up when you down!!

Submitted by: abbi babi

A true friend always remember your birthday when nobody does and gives you the best present you have never had.
A friend shows you the way, when a best friend give you a ride and company you all the way.

Submitted by: Thazin

Today…tomorrow…and FOREVER…friends are ALWAYS there!!!:- )

Submitted by: holly

A true friend will tell you things that you don’t want to, but need to hear.
When I prayed for a friend, I never dreamed I’d get some one as wonderful as you!
When I read all these friendship quotes, I think of you!

Submitted by: Jessica~

Good friends are kisses blown to us from angles.
But best friends are kisses blown to us from god himself.

Submitted by: fsjdal;

Your best friend is like shadow, always there and always will be.

Submitted by: Liv

A true friend is the one that storms in your room when no ones home and comforts you why you cry.

Submitted by: kim

We’re the ones you find laughing at nothing!

Submitted by: reanna

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