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I don’t care if it’s 4 am, you’re my best friend and ill take care of you.

Losing your best friend is like losing half of your heart. </3

Submitted by: Bettyboo

Best friends are those who stay by your side…
Even if it means staying after school in the dark hallways, trying to open up your lockers.

Submitted by: Kyra

Your BFF will love you for who you are, not what you can do for them.
A BFF will see all your flaws, and keep on loving you.

Submitted by: Jojo

If you punch a good friend in the face, they look at you and say “What was that for?!?!?” But a best friend just punches you right back.

Submitted by: Emyaley

I can’t say I’ll be your best friend forever because I won’t live that long, but I’ll be your best friend until the day I die.

Submitted by: Lilly labia

A best friend is someone you can totally act yourself around.

Submitted by: yuli

Best friends are like fingers they always stay together.

Submitted by: kimmberlyy.

You’re stupid and annoying but who cares cause we’re best mates and no one can take that away from us, we’re like sisters always together, always agree, never split up and get angry with each- other so if you want to know why we’re best mates then that’s why.
Love you loads and always will.:D

Submitted by: Lola Merana

A best friend will never sugar coat anything.

Submitted by: purple

Best friends are people who know how truly stupid you are, and still like you.

Submitted by: Fiona

A true friend is the one who even though he knows he was terribly wrong to you can’t find the right words to tell you how much light you bring in his life every day so he just posts quotes invented by himself on the internet.
I’m sorry Ade! I will stalk you forever.

Submitted by: Mocanu Andreea C.

A friend is someone you talk to about random things, nothing personal, and who you say hi to once in a while.
A true best friend is someone you talk to everyday or anytime you can talk, the one that shares deep & dark secrets with you, and you share them together without the judgment.
A true best friend is what everyone needs.

Submitted by: Blitz

Best friends are the ones that are always by your side they never leave you and they say your the best a false friend won’t be with you during the times your at school she will always be with you everywhere you go and she won’t go with anybody else excpet for you thats your true friend =]

Submitted by: Gaby Martinez

True friends will not put you down in front of other people.

Submitted by: Nerlyn lim

If you Cry I cry, If you Laugh I laugh, If you jump off a cliff I will be at the bottom to catch you.
(Meaning: If you’re sad I will be there for you, if you’re happy I will be happy for you, If you make a mistake I will go through the troubles with you.)

Submitted by: Brookieee

A friend will ask “Do you want to dance”, but a best friend will take you by the arm and say “dance like it’s the last night of your life.”

Submitted by: bobalina

True friends leave memories that cannot be forgotten.

Submitted by: Lola

I am a friend who will never be scared to yell “I Love You” down the hall.

Submitted by: lora

A friend is someone who is always standing by your side even when you’re wrong.

Submitted by: Ashley

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