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I almost wish they were a little harsher. Being cheated on by someone you trusted and loved hurts like hell, and I don’t want to be told to enjoy the time we had together right now, not when I still want to scream at him.
I did not only lose my boyfriend, but also a good friend because of their stupid decisions. Moving on sounds so much easier than it actually is, particularly when you’re supposed to forgive two people instead of one.

Submitted by: Jennifer

You must let go of the old to make room for the new.

Submitted by: erica

If they really love you they would never let you walk away in the first place.

Submitted by: Teri

Well nobody could really understand that feeling of being broke up and later see that your ex is with another guy..some say that it’s part of life..some say it was never meant to be..some say to think about the sad memories..some say to just let it flow..some say that you are a loser for being so emotional about relationship..but when you feel it, nothing heals you..that’s most tragic part of love. Time is the only solution time goes, memory fades away..but in the case of break up time flows so slowly I guess…

Submitted by: Arnab Arn

I removed L from LOVER its all OVER now.

Submitted by: Jacinta

If he truly loved you, he would NEVER have hurt you.

Submitted by: emma...

An ex is called an ex because he/she is an [ex]ample of what you don’t want in the future.

Submitted by: Samantha

People say if you love em let em go.. I say if you love em keep em as long as you can cos it won’t last for ever.

Submitted by: luv yooh

I’m moving on. I am not going to keep flying solo in this two pilot plane.
– Malloy

Submitted by: malloy

The heart & it’s desires won’t ever make sense to the mind.

Submitted by: Ashleyy ;

It’s hard to break up… But just remember if you have an ex like mine they will never be fully out of your life unless you don’t want them to be there.

Submitted by: bobby

When I Say I Love You It Means That I Cant Live Without You. When I Say I Miss You It Means You Have Been Gone For To Long But When I Say I Don’t Need You No More Means I Need You More Than Ever I Just Cant Admit I Still Love You :(

Submitted by: Dacia

If someone wants to be part of your life , they’ll make an effort to be in it . . . .so don’t bother reserving a space in your heart for someone who doesn’t want to stay.

Submitted by: abhie

If love is shelter, I’m going to walk in the rain.
I love him but he doesn’t see that we can be.
If a couple are meant to be in love they eventually will be.

Submitted by: Mj

A heart is not a playing thing, a heart is not a toy but if you want yours broken just give it to a boy.
They like to play around with things to see what makes them run but when it comes to kissing they do it just for fun.
Boys don’t give their hearts away they play girls like a fool they wait till we give ours away and then they play it cool.
You wonder where he was last night you wonder if he is true. For a moment you’re so happy and the next you’re so blue.
So now I say don’t fall in love you’ll be hurt before you’re through. You see my friend I ought to know I fell in love with you.
My heart is yours forever love I hope you understand but, when I gave my heart to you I thought you were a man!

Submitted by: Amanda

There are pain that you can’t see from the outside. Some pains don’t affect the outside but kills you on the inside. It’s a subtle kill, you might not even notice it but once you do; you just wish that it’ll get over it. It’s when you wake up with tear stains on your pillow, when you’re lying on the bathroom floor thinking what’s wrong with yourself, when all you want in life is just get through it. And that feeling is when you get your heartbroken.

Submitted by: littlemoments_1234

After a while holding on leaves more cuts and bruises than the hard pull away.

Submitted by: laura

My heart was broken badly I cried for 4 hours straight and everything reminds me of him it’s been a month already and I’m still noot over him I write in my book every night so I don’t have to hurt more telling him how I feel the only thing I tell him is I still love him and care about him and miss him. But I am learning now that wasting my time on someone who doesn’t care is like putting a penny in a pond for good luck and waiting for a miracle And no one deserves to get hurt by anyone and I’m the stupid one for trying to wait for him to come back to me. :/

Submitted by: Brittany

Love, been there and done that. Do I really need to suffer again>>?

Submitted by: DEE

And when you start missing me remember, I didn’t walk away you let me go.

Submitted by: Platinum

Sometimes you have to smile pretend like everything is okay, hold back the tears and just walk away!

Submitted by: Gabriela

Don’t lose someone you love over your pride.

Submitted by: nikki

Have you ever broke up with someone and didn’t realize how you really felt for them until it was already over?
I broke up with my boyfriend so I wouldn’t get hurt. I cried that night. It felt like my heart was missing something. So either way I still got hurt, I guess it was just not having him in my life anymore that hurt.
I miss being able to say; ‘He’s mine.’ or ‘I’m taken.’ I miss telling the girls to back off because he already has girlfriend he loves. I miss hiding behind him when someone is chasing me. I miss him.

Submitted by: Kate

You can spend all the time you want locked up in your room, crying over him or you can get out there, find someone new and make him wish that he still had you.

Submitted by: julie

I’d rather go blind boy than to see you walk away from me!

Submitted by: brianna

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