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Day after day
night after night
i fell and fell
but nothing seemed right
so I got down on my knees and begged
plz be with me but nothing is going to work
so I crymyself to sleep

Submitted by: cry myself to sleep

I told myself he loved me .. I told my heart I loved him back… Turns out he dumped me and wants everything back!!! :(

Submitted by: courtney

I wish I could look into your eyes and be strong and say I don’t need you around anymore…

Submitted by: Cindy

You know it meant everything when she cries cause she has to break your heart.

Submitted by: Allyson

An ex is called an ex because he/she is an [ex]ample of what you don’t want in the future.

Submitted by: Samantha

I always knew that looking back on my tears would make me laugh, but I never knew that looking back at my laughter would make me cry.

Submitted by: Kenzie

It’s the hardest thing I ever had to do. To walk away from you when I wanna hold you. It’s the hardest thing in every singel day to have to turn away. I want you to know that. This is the hardest thing.

Submitted by: Nathalie

One day you’ll decide to love me and I’ll be long gone by then.

Submitted by: carin

I loved a boy too much. He was my soul, my life. All my days and nights were around him. I saw beautiful dreams to get married with him. To become his life partner. To grow older on his shoulder. I just wanted his chest to lie myself over that and to spend rest of my life just to make him smile and the most proudest man on earth who have loved such a loving girl like me.

But miss-understandings occurred between us. I tried a lot to convince him. But in vein. As long I tried to go closer to him he leaped more farther from me. One year passed. But still I am toiling over him. With a hope that he’ll come to me.

Friends, What I learned from my experience is to move up with life and to observe the positive aspects of life, what we learn from our past experiences. And to start living a constructive life from right now. To show him/her. I am not the weakest crying girl/boy you left. But I am the strongest who have started learning that you are not worth my tears. The one who really deserves me will never make me cry.

Best of luck as the shining tomorrow is waiting. Best of luck. Live life. God will always see the intention. And if you were the person with purest heart. No one can break your heart.

Submitted by: smarika

Breaking up is like being buried but not dying.

Submitted by: AAAA
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