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If you could read what’s in my heart you’d be in tears.
– me.
I don’t know why I love you still, even after this, but darling I still do.
You were my one and only , but you left me feeling lonely.
Baby, I wanna say I hate you , but then I’d be a liar like you.

Submitted by: Darian

Seeing you smile when you’re with her is like you telling me I never meant anything to you.

Submitted by: Kiley Jo

Someday all you have to do is just forget and move on.

Submitted by: Dylan

When you were there for me, I was there for you. But now I think if you aren’t here for me, I can’t be there for you. I’m heartbroken. I hope you know that you hurt me so much, you told me I was your number one for life. But I don’t think this guy is going to stay. So now I’m afraid to love another guy and be with them.

Submitted by: Courteney

You’ll probably never remember half the things I’ll never forget.

Submitted by: Allie

Don’t lose someone you love over your pride.

Submitted by: nikki

I hate you…and then I love you…it’s like I want to throw you off a cliff…then rush to the bottom to catch you.

Submitted by: Anonymous

Today I caught myself smiling for no reason… Then I realized I was thinking about you. Still not over you.

Submitted by: iloveyou goldfish

In every girl’s life there is a boy she’ll *never* forget, and a summer were it all started…

Submitted by: april

Why do we have 2 leave the one that we love?
is it a sign of being strong or loving someone makes us WEAK…

Submitted by: mykel23
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