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To grow old with you was my life’s greatest ambition…

Submitted by: Katiusca

It has been two years and I’m so over you
Or so I thought…

Submitted by: Nat

She finally got tired of being second best.

Submitted by: stori

You know the whole relationship was wrong when the only reason the break up seems painful is the thought of seeing your significant other with someone else.

Submitted by: Mo

Its so hard getting over someone, especially knowing how easy it was for them to get over you.

Submitted by: marrisa

Now that you’re gone, I found somebody who says “I love you” and actually MEANS it.

Submitted by: Gabby

Love can be the worst thing in the world, or the best thing. Loving someone can make your whole life complete or it can kill you in an instant.

Submitted by: Megs

Hey Gurlz ..
This Is My Advice To All You Heart Broken Girls..
All Your Girls Need Ti Be Strong.. Don’t Cry For A Guy He Isn’t Worth Your Tears.. I Know You Feel Like Texting Him Always, But Don’t I Have Experience Of All Of This.. You Just Start Talking To New Guys, Show Him That You Don’t Care About Him Anymore, & Just Act As If Your Over Him & You Moved On..
Trust Me Girls The Guy Will Be Following You Just Like A Dog.. He Would Know How Much He Meant To You Girls..
So Just Live Your Life As If There Is No Tomorrow..

Submitted by: Chiiky Sarah (:

…For all those people out there who cry themselves to sleep at night if there not up for hours wondering why they even believed that beautiful face in the first place.
For all those people who broke their guitar and tore that song you wrote to shreds.
For all those people who dream only of them.
For all those people who look back on that first kiss and wonder if they ever even meant in.
For all those people who look at that picture you once said was so beautiful, and sit there, eyes bloodshot from tears and ask yourself quietly, “why did you leave me? you’ll love me forever ? Yeah right. All lies. Everything!”
For all those people who should have listened to there friends when they said said they would leave you.
For all those people who knew they’re right, but as much as they try just can’t get over them.
For all those people… Welcome to the club.

Submitted by: Levi Call

When a boy breaks up with you he is not worth your tears because if he broke up with you then he is just not good enough!

Submitted by: kns

When a boy breaks up with you, its not worth crying cos there will always be someone better waiting for you.

Submitted by: Talia

The pain of losing him can’t ever override the love I still have for him. He says he just want to be friends but then gets mad when I try to move on.

Submitted by: brokenheartedgrl

These quotes are like pebbles in the heart, they sink to te bottom and push all your feelings to the top…
I am now realizing what I am really loosing.

Submitted by: Richard

My heart longs for you, my soul dies for you, my eyes cry for you, my empty arms reach for you.

Submitted by: Carissa Sorensen

And there you are holding her hand … And I’m lost … Trying to understand.
And why did I have keep falling for you? When you keep falling for her.
These quotes remind me of my best friend. I’m honestly in love with him. Ever since I was little I had dreamed of a guy like him, and I found him. But I kept missing my chance with him. All because I thought he wanted to wait. Now he’s in another relationship. And I’m stuck trying to keep a smile on my face and act happy for him.

Submitted by: Shelbye

Its too bad, he broke her heart, but she keeps a smile on her face everyday to hide it all.

Submitted by: ashliexox

When you left you took part of my heart with you and left me with nothing to sew it up with.

Submitted by: Lauren

I don’t get it? He broke my heart but… I still love him with all my heart.

Submitted by: karla

Its hard for you to look at that person and talk to them like nothing had happened.

Submitted by: karla

Not easily broken, yet here I stand with nothing but the pieces of my heart that you left me with.

Submitted by: mcbride

Falling in love is just like a tear drop that falls into the deep ocean… You’ll never be able to find your true self again once you fall in and out of love… Love that does not hurt is not love at all!!

Submitted by: jacinthe

The better love is, the more letting go of it hurts.

Submitted by: Matt

S[he] be[lie]ve[d]

Submitted by: Erika

Falling in love is awfully simple, but falling out of love is simply awful.

Submitted by: amanda

Its amazing, one song can bring back so many memories.. And leave me crying for hours.

Submitted by: ln

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