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You’ll probably never remember half the things I’ll never forget.

Submitted by: Allie

There will always be faces you can never look at without emotion and there are names you can never hear spoken without that same old feelings returning. Just when you think you can move on, you’ll remember all the reasons why you held on so long.

Submitted by: In love with the freshman

If you can’t save the relationship, at least save your pride.

Why do we have 2 leave the one that we love?
is it a sign of being strong or loving someone makes us WEAK…

Submitted by: mykel23

I really love these amazing quotes they helped me alot

Submitted by: tracey

If it’s hard to say good bye, say hello instead.

Submitted by: Doll

People come into are lives and then leave quickly, but then there are people that come into are lives and leave there footprints in are hearts forever and never truly leave.

Submitted by: Brooke

Its funny how the ones that break your heart are the ones who said that never would!

Submitted by: Danyyyyy R!

It’s not your fault you lied, it’s mine for believing them.

Submitted by: Sarah

When you came into my life I thought I was in a fairytale, but I know now I never was. Why? Fairytales have happy endings.

Submitted by: Kiley Jo

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