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Breaking up hurts, But in the end, You always remember that’s what made you stronger.

Submitted by: Macezilla

It hurts when she says don’t expect anything from me…

Submitted by: momon

Break- ups aren’t that bad, they help us. If they break- up with you it means that they never loved you. And if you break- up with them then you know that they’re not the one. This doesn’t make them hurt any less but it makes you release that they help you find the right person for you.

Submitted by: Melissa

You tell me to move on, but where do I move to when I belong with you.

Submitted by: Unknown

It’s Not How Long You Spend With The Person. But, The Memories You Created With Them, That Will Leave An Impression On Thier Life And Yours As Well.

Submitted by: Lalo

Change is always for the best, even tho when you may be to blind to realize it at first; but in the end you will see how much better off you truly are.

Submitted by: devon

Move On, easy word to say, but the hardest thing to do.

Submitted by: elaine grace

Everyone falls n love at least once and everyone is destined to get their heart broken which only makes them stronger for the next obstacle.

Submitted by: TYTY4352

Sometimes the hardest part about love is realizing you really don’t know how to. You give everything you’ve got but nothing comes back. This is just for the guys who want to love but can’t. I don’t know why I can tell someone I love them but the moment they say it back I run away. All I know is that if you don’t love some one or you know that some one doesn’t love you. By staying in that relationship you’re only making life more complicated than it has to be. Pain is a part of life. That’s why god gave us logic to deal with it. We are human our minds are never made up.

Submitted by: Adin

He said lets just be friends. It broke my heart and I cry over him. I just hope one day he will feel the pain he caused me.

Submitted by: holly

Boy: I heard you found someone new…
Girl: Yes.. And he is better than you…
Boy: Oh really? Can he make you smile, like I do?
Girl: No, but he never makes me cry like you do.

Submitted by: nhine_24

It’s always better to cry because someone left you than to cry because there’s never been someone that could have left you.

Submitted by: LAura

My mind says give up, but my heart says go on.

Submitted by: bLack_ash21

When I look at you, I wanna be able to see that you care. When I think about you I wanna believe you aren’t what people know you as. But the truth is when I do look at you I see the boy who didnt care enough to handle my heart with care. And when I do think about you, I remember that you are just a player. Always have been and always will be.
This goes to the one boy I have ever loved…

Submitted by: Mackenzie

Love is like a dove, its beautiful but once it dies you’ll never get over it.

Submitted by: pop

Yesterday I lost someone I felt I could not live without.
Today I know, although it may be difficult; time will heal this hollow wound.
Tomorrow I will look back and smile at the victory; of having the courage to love, to loose, and again the power to choose.

Submitted by: Lost&tFound

Some people come and go, and I might just be the next one to go.

Submitted by: denn

Not all guys are bad and not all guys cheat. Girls hurt guys just as much.

Submitted by: josh

Its hard to get over someone you loved so much. But its impossible to realize they’re not yours anymore.

Submitted by: jerad sessler

All I know is that he loves me….in my dreams!

Submitted by: reyn

Tell me when things went wrong. Tell me what I did to make you stop loving me. Tell me why its so hard to get over you when you broke my heart.

Submitted by: Kenzi

Your smile melts my heart, but the day you leave, you shred it.

Submitted by: Monique

When it ends, you must let go and move on. Otherwise you will be holding on to unnecessary torture.

Submitted by: Jessica Matson

I want to go back to the time…
when the only thing that could “hurt” were “skinned knees”
when the only things “broken” were your “toys”
when “goodbyes” only meant till tomorrow.

Submitted by: lola

Its funny how the ones that break your heart are the ones who said that never would!

Submitted by: Danyyyyy R!

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