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Its tough wen you break ^ w/ sum1 after a few weeks you get over it

Submitted by: lovelost

Before you break up with somone make sure you are really ready to end it with them because it hurts when you see the person who used to be yours holding on to someone else!!

Submitted by: =' (

This all speaks the truth. The quotes where great and spoke deeply to me.

Submitted by: Nianna

Truly Loving somebody is letting them go.. Its hurts really badly, I know… But if you think about it, if you love the person and you want that person to be happy, you gotta let them go even if its the hardest thing to do, but let them go and let them live their own life and find their happiness…

Submitted by: Julie

It’s hard when your ex tells you he’s moving back for you and then a couple days before your b- day he tells you he’s leaving again because there is nothing here for him. :(

Submitted by: amber

Everyone told me to forget about you… But I don’t wanna forget.

Submitted by: kristen

Me and my so called bf broke up and he dumped me on my birthday and then like a couple of months later after I got over him my friends started to tell me that he was paid to go out with me and that he never really cared. It hurt so much

Submitted by: love that was never there

‘ I’m having a great time, I’m dreaming you’re mine, it’s too bad I’m alone in this funny world. ‘

Submitted by: Erna H

When a man takes the risk to cheat he is saying its worth losing her

Submitted by: x.courtz.x

- I don’t know why they call it heartbreak, it feels like every part of me is broken-
– Love gives someone the power to break you-
– When life offers you a dream so far beyond ny of your expectations, it is not reasonable to grieve when it comes to an end-
I’m in a little bit of a romantic mess really.. I was with a guy, but my best friend told me he loved me too, and that he had to leave because it was killing him watching me with someone else. So I left the other guy for my best friend. But my best friend saw how upset it made me to leave the other guy, and decided to let me go.. My original guy – and the greatest person I have ever met – took me back. I don’t deserve him, so it’s now over.. He deserves better.. So there we have it. I’ve stuffed around a few peoples lives.. I now have no best friend, and no boyfriend.. So I am being punished, I suppose. Call me what you want, but at least in the end I got my come upping. I cry myself to sleep, and the only thing that stops the tears is imagining him with me.. Pathetic, yes. But that’s just how life is.
– Giving up doesn’t always mean you are weak; Sometimes it means you are strong enough to let go-

Submitted by: A Fallen Angel

Wat hurts the most was being so close and having so much to say watching him walk away when knowing wat could have been that loving him is wat I was trying to do……

Submitted by: jaini

The knife has been removed from my heart, and the scars are left behind as the rememberance of what has happend.

Submitted by: Michelle Wanty

Hey girls… Umm I jst thought id let you know, that well you need a lot of pictures. Because those never change, even when the people in them do. Don’t ever forget your guys… Because at one point they were all you lived for. I don’t care how much you hate them, I want you to love them inside.

Submitted by: T&me4ever=mids4life=bffs

I don’t know what hurts more? Knowing that I care More Than Ever Or Knowing he doesn’t care at all!

Submitted by: Zach

At first I was a little upset when I saw you with her.. But then I laughed because she was ugly !

Submitted by: kayla

It will take sometime to mend the damage that you’ve done but broken hearts do heal thats were strength comes from.

Submitted by: Myranda.

I will never say Good- bye, but rather see you around. There is never really a Good- bye with anyone. We are all souls stuck in our flesh and will eventually meet again. We all have to go through this heartache and see how we deal with it. Only the strong survive. God knows you can handle it and he will reward you once you are okay. Only He knows when you are ready. I am still waiting patiently for his blessings, but I know it will eventually come and I have accepted that it is not up to me anymore it is up to God!

Submitted by: Always love

After every guy I went out with I still love you. Too bad you love someone else.

Submitted by: kristen

For all those in love, that don’t feel its returned… Love is your choice and is freely given. You only trully love someone if you can let them go in love. That means not expecting something back. If they love you back they will return that favour and you will accept each other trully as you are and grow together.

Submitted by: Charliee

A broken heart may never heal, but no emotion is the worst pain of all

Submitted by: ashley

Love is something every girl wants… But in the end they wish they hadent had it

Submitted by: Osmo

I love him so much..
so why can’t he see that and be with me????

Submitted by: Jessika DosSantos

F- O- R- G- I- V- N- E- S- S such a simple word but its hard to do when you’ve been hurt. So build a bridge and get over it!!!

Submitted by: Miley

Its really hard to say goodbye. Unless he or she wants you to leave..

Submitted by: mapi

I been through alot n I wld just like to advice all the guys out there if you realy like her tell her before its too late! n to the girls dnt break his heart

Submitted by: jaini

Relationships Are Like Books some have Good Endings and Some have Bad Endings
But Every One Likes A Good Ending But sometimes its Hard To find

Submitted by: Della Mission

Reading these poems helped, but not to the point that i’m over her, because she left and when she did she took my heart with her.

Submitted by: Derrick P

He said he loved me and then slamed the door in my face shattering my heart

Submitted by: Hell never no

We cannot have a feeling of broken heart again in life. Its comes only one time. Once a person is broken never ready to love again just compormise.

Submitted by: surender negi

I never realized how much our relationship was like glass.
Until it broke.

Submitted by: kc

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