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Just Move On, If He Wants you He Will Come Back.

Submitted by: nana

My heart is aching. Tears in my eyes are rolling. My mind is filled with thoughts. My eyes are filled with tears.
I wish he understands how I felt for him.

Submitted by: emily

The Brain said to the heart. “Stupid Heart, you made yourself vulnerable by loving.”
The Heart said, “Well, where the heck were you? You’re supposed to see through the lies and protect me.”
The Brain said, “Don’t even start with me. Once you get going, nothing I say matters. Why are you such an idiot?”
The Heart said, “Shut up, Brain. It’s my job. Now do yours: Heal me, so I can do it again.”

Submitted by: Deb

Its hard to get over someone you loved so much. But its impossible to realize they’re not yours anymore.

Submitted by: jerad sessler

Sometimes when you love someone you have to let them go and find happiness if they come back they are yours…if not they were never yours to begin with.

Submitted by: Brittany

Pretending to love me hurts more than saying to me directly that you love somebody else..

Submitted by: leekhim.yumiko

Better put an end with “pain” than have a “pain” with no end…

Submitted by: rachel

If your love doesn’t work out… It just means that special someone that god made just for you wasn’t him.

Submitted by: Michelle

Being the one who has to break off the relationship is sometimes the hardest person to be.

Submitted by: Anonymous

THANK YOU for breaking my heart you’ve only made me stronger.
As long as you’re happy then I will be too but a part of me dies when you tell her “I love you”. ):
She’s been hurt many times before this, you’d think it would be a routine by now & you’d think she wouldn’t let this get to her but the truth is she trusted you.
I’m not like any of the other girls. That’s where you made your first mistake.
Roses are red, violets are blue, I’ll never love anyone like I loved you.

Submitted by: Tiffanny loves Dylan ?

If he really loved you, you wouldn’t be alone right now.
It is better to walk away, then to let your self get walked over.
Once a cheater, always a cheater.

Submitted by: lani

She doesn’t feel the same way I do… This sucks.

Submitted by: J

It hurts to see him have a different girl every week. Sure I can give this one guy a hug everyday after school, but the guy I love is the one that I wish I was hugging. How can I give someone else my love when you have it?
I can’t stand looking at him, but wishing it was you.
How can I move on, when you’re the one that has my heart?

Submitted by: Rebecca

When someone breaks up with you..You may ask yourself why does it hurt so much…the answer to that is because you didn’t just loose your boyfriend or girlfriend you lost a best friend.

Submitted by: Mila Gonzales

When I Say I Love You It Means That I Cant Live Without You. When I Say I Miss You It Means You Have Been Gone For To Long But When I Say I Don’t Need You No More Means I Need You More Than Ever I Just Cant Admit I Still Love You :(

Submitted by: Dacia

Your smile melts my heart, but the day you leave, you shred it.

Submitted by: Monique

If you think I’m coming back… Don’t hold your breath. I’m gonna move on and never look back.

Submitted by: concereteAngel

You always end up telling everyone you’re over him and never wanna see him again, but in the end once you see his face you think about him more and more and say, I love him.

Submitted by: Angelina

No, I don’t miss you. I miss the pieces of my heart that I gave away to you and will never get back.
I’m not crying because I miss you, I’m crying because seeing that picture of us showed me how much of a lie you were living.
You think you know someone, and then you realize that everything you though you knew was just an act. Every tender moment. Every promise. Every word. It was all lies. The worst part is those were the best two years worth of your entire life.

Submitted by: XOstrongerXO

Well nobody could really understand that feeling of being broke up and later see that your ex is with another guy..some say that it’s part of life..some say it was never meant to be..some say to think about the sad memories..some say to just let it flow..some say that you are a loser for being so emotional about relationship..but when you feel it, nothing heals you..that’s most tragic part of love. Time is the only solution time goes, memory fades away..but in the case of break up time flows so slowly I guess…

Submitted by: Arnab Arn

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