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I never stopped loving you…I just stopped showing it..

Submitted by: cyndi

I hate being loved now, as my love is loved by someone else !!!!!

Submitted by: ROHIT CHANDRA

Sometimes turning your back is worth it, the pain and sadness is like walking through glass

Submitted by: Denisse Lopez

Everything in life is a lesson, Love and love lost, no matter how many times you get hurt, You’ll live.

Submitted by: Regan

Dis quotes were really nice ..sum were very true n meaningful ..buh still in thoughts whether will make people understand or nt.. It made me understand a bit ..loved it …tnx

Submitted by: ankit

Break up for some people is like getting rid of a chewed up gum but for some people it is like being stuck with that gum….difficult to swallow and even more difficult to get out of its adhesion.

Submitted by: pushpanjali

If I like something,then I try to go away from that thing because if I like it a lot,it goes away from me!

Submitted by: sushil mahadik

I tried to keep on holding on..but you left me alone, I thought we could make it through but we couldn’t.

Submitted by: natnat

Recently, as in 1 month ago I got broken up with. I describe it as a withdraw I feel so drained without him… :(

Submitted by: Kati :(

Break- Ups is one of the things that hurt the most in this world. But without it, we wouldn’t be able to take anything. Being hurt only makes us stronger.

Submitted by: Travis

To look into your eyes and see whats in you soul takes me to places only angels should go…

Submitted by: Antony

Sometimes Love Hurts, but Think Of All The Times it didn’t, That’s What It’s all about.

Submitted by: Ash

The only man worth crying over would have never made you cry in the first place.

Submitted by: Sam Reynolds

It’s the hardest thing I ever had to do. To walk away from you when I wanna hold you. It’s the hardest thing in every singel day to have to turn away. I want you to know that. This is the hardest thing.

Submitted by: Nathalie

These are really nice quotes. :) Even though they don’t help you get over a break- up, it’s nice to have something to read that has total truth to it. I love the fact that many people can relate to these quotes and it is of some comfort to know that other people out there understand what others are going through. Because we all have difficult times and sometimes the best quotes are created through these times. :) Thanks for putting these up, I love to look at different quotes like these.

Submitted by: Allison

It’s crazy when you can walk right past someone you once loved like they never were a huge part of your life.

Submitted by: Ciarra

I choose not to be sad over you but rather to be sad for you. You do not know what you lost but I do!

Submitted by: Amee

Whats meant to be will always find its way.

Submitted by: Yomna

I hope you are happy you broke my heart, and now someday some where I will break yours:(

Submitted by: Kassidy

People tell me I shouldn’t live from my life/mind I should live from my heart but I tell them you can’t live from a broken heart.

Submitted by: my love is a loveable person

My boyfriend and I broke up 5 days ago. We had a really in depth conversation and decided it was best, because he doesn’t know what is expected in a relationship yet and I am two years older than him. It hurt me so much, but he said the cutest thing. I used to doubt if he loved me, but then he said “One day you are going to find someone who loves you as much as I did those first few weeks. Everything will be okay.” Him and I are still close.

Submitted by: Sammi Raye

Its tough wen you break ^ w/ sum1 after a few weeks you get over it

Submitted by: lovelost

Before you break up with somone make sure you are really ready to end it with them because it hurts when you see the person who used to be yours holding on to someone else!!

Submitted by: =' (

This all speaks the truth. The quotes where great and spoke deeply to me.

Submitted by: Nianna

Truly Loving somebody is letting them go.. Its hurts really badly, I know… But if you think about it, if you love the person and you want that person to be happy, you gotta let them go even if its the hardest thing to do, but let them go and let them live their own life and find their happiness…

Submitted by: Julie

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