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Why do we stay when we know they won’t change? Give yourself the opportunity to be happy again.

Submitted by: Meghan

Why did I stay this long when I knew who you really were?

Submitted by: Meghan

Can I have my heart back? Or am I supposed to forget that too?

Submitted by: crypto

It hurts seeing your crush walking with the another girl, talking and laughing with each other!!
All you can do is just to look at them,, and feel the pain inside.

Submitted by: mattz_poen2

Leaving you was probably the hardest thing I had to do. I made this decision, with listening to my brain, not my heart. Because my heart could never take that.
I left you, without thinking about what is going to happen. I left you without thinking about giving you another chance, because I knew it would be in vain. Falling in love with you, was the best thing that ever happened to me, but somehow, it became the worst. I don’t know what I feel right now, is it regret? Pain? I don’t know. All I know, is that, no matter what you did to me. Leaving you created a great emptiness. That none could ever fill.
I miss you.

Submitted by: Asmae Our

It’s easy to fall in love, the hard part is forgetting about it.

Submitted by: jon

I wish I never met you because when we got together the next day you told me you loved her. I wish I never wasted my smiles on you because you’re nothing to me. I told you that I’m broken you didn’t care. You said to me get over it even though she doesn’t love you she wants us together. No more tears are going to be wasted on you so goodbye enjoy your loneliness, you lied and nothing hurts more than lying to the one that loves you.

Submitted by: jessika

The couples that fight the most, are the ones who love each other the most. When they stop fighting, its because they stopped caring.

Submitted by: Cristiano Ronaldo

I’m not sad by this thing that I’m nothing to you but by this thing that you’re everything to me and now I have nothing.

Submitted by: Kavya

He didn’t compliment my life!!! I complimented his!! The worst half is gone. At least he left the best part of the partnership intact. Sayonara loser!!!

Submitted by: Annie

Guys are like basketballs, they only stay around for so long and then they bounce.

Submitted by: Lesley Hill

My boyfriend and I just started dating, but it’s not really like a real relationship, it’s more like we really love each other but can only smile at each other in school hallways, or hug each other when we get off the bus. I thought he was the best thing that ever happened to me and now I’m thinking to myself, there will never be an “us”. Just a lonely girl, and a lonely boy, who love each other, and completely ignoring their instincts, and living in a moment that will only last until it ends.

Submitted by: Winter

Your heart will mend. Just accept the truth that he is gone.
He went away. It was his choice. He meant everything. But he left. Respect his decision but also respect yourself.

Submitted by: rog

I am feeling like, I don’t have ‘eye balls’ in my eyes and ‘heart’ in my heart. Feeling very empty!
Good news, there is a vacancy guys!! Apply now!

Submitted by: Farha Iman

Yeah, I know that there are girls prettier than me, smarter than me, nicer than me. But you didn’t have to cheat on me, I would have rather you broke up with me than find out you where cheating, it just made it hurt worse. So tell me, why am I still so in love with you???

Submitted by: Ri

Breakups can be a b*tch, but if you can find the time to get over that and realize that you’re still a great friend to her, that’s when you know you did what was right; you didn’t let her go, and she never asked you to.

Submitted by: Katelyn Winter

Just remember you were without them. Who says you still can’t be?

Submitted by: jess

I don’t have any exs I have whys? Yeah why in the hell did I date you!!!?

Submitted by: kylie

We never really broke up, we just drifted apart. And for you, I hope this life becomes all that you want it to.

Submitted by: A

Sometimes when I look you in the eyes, you’re not even there. I can’t believe that it’s over.

Submitted by: A

I made you my everything, then you said goodbye and I had nothing. :(

Submitted by: Erika

What happened to the love?
What happened to the trust?
Most importantly,
What happened to us?

Submitted by: Christy

One day you will know the pain I had gone through,
Because one day you too will truly love.
So be careful and take care.

Submitted by: chinnuzzz

My heart is so weak.

Submitted by: Ali

People that keep saying don’t cry, stop. It is ok to cry, it makes you feel better, but don’t do what I did and cry for 3 months. Me and my boyfriend Dylan broke up and I cried for such a long time. Now he is dating my friend so life is not getting any better. But I keep my hopes up. What made me feel better was going out and looking for other guys. Ha ha.

Submitted by: mackenize delozier

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