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How do you let go of someone when your heart wants to hold on to them forever.

Submitted by: dancelover

It’s such a shame when the boy tells the girl you’re his everything.. And then she turns around and tells him he’s her nothing.

Submitted by: Charlie Mackemsley

He makes me feel like bursting out in tears… But then I remember why bother he’s not worth it… There are people who will break your heart and others who will break them for you.
I don’t know if the other on goes in heart break but here it is
When I talk to you its like the world has gone quiet, when I see you its like everything else has disappeared, when I look into your eyes my heart melts, why can’t you see me how I see you, why can’t you tell that when I look at you all my eyes are saying is that I love you… I’m trying to tell you but those three simple words seem so hard to say… I Love You.

Submitted by: Caysie :D

You NEVER know what you got till it’s GONE!

Submitted by: the CHICK!

We tend to be in despair when the person we love leaves us but the truth is it’s not our loss it’s theirs because they left the one person in the world who would never give up on them.

Submitted by: Stormi

I don’t need some one who will make me happy for a while then break my heart, I need some one who will keep me happy forever.

Submitted by: angelica

When our heart is broken why do we always find ourselves chasing after the one who broke it?

Submitted by: Kiley Jo

If love is shelter, I’m going to walk in the rain.
I love him but he doesn’t see that we can be.
If a couple are meant to be in love they eventually will be.

Submitted by: Mj

Once you realize what you had was good, I’ll be long gone.


You want me to act like we’ve never kissed, you want to forget; pretend we’ve never met, and I’ve tried and I’ve tried, but I haven’t yet. You walk by, and I fall to pieces.
– Patsy Cline

Submitted by: Eddie

You said you couldn’t stand to see my heart get broken, so when you broke it did you close your eyes.

Submitted by: jessi

Seeing people change isn’t what hurts; what hurts is remembering who they used to be.

Submitted by: Tonjing

Hold on tight baby, I’m letting go! Life has been patiently waiting for me! I made up my mind, those days are gone! These pretty green eyes will no longer cry! .. I’m moving on…

Submitted by: ashley

I didn’t stop loving my ex, I just stop believing that we were meant to be.

Submitted by: dhey

Where there is LOVE, there is HURT.

Submitted by: Simran

I want to forget!!
I had this handsome wonderful boyfriend.. He was perfect, I loved him to the moon and back..that’s what he said to me as well
it wasn’t true
he left me for his ex…y? cos he wasn’t sure he was over her..
why risk breaking my heart!!!!!!!!
Every time I see them together my knees go all weak and my eyes start watering … Someone please help me

Submitted by: hannah

If you’re about to let go of someone, remember why you held on soo long in the first place.

Submitted by: isabel

How do you forget about someone, when everything reminds you of them…

Submitted by: me

People say “forgive & forget” but how can I forgive myself for letting you go? & how could I ever forget you?

Submitted by: Bridget

It still hurts to see that you’re doing completely okay, without me.

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You shattered my heart into a million pieces, you crushed the little trust I had left. I cried until my eyes were dry. I won’t let you win. It kills me inside, but I will put on my best facade and show you. I will prove to you I can move on, and I will do such a good job, I’ll even convince myself.

Submitted by: She'sher

The only person who deserves you, is the one who will stick by your side no matter how much you mess up…Someone who will forgive your mistake after mistake..

Submitted by: arjhelle

And when you finally realize that I actually loved you and meant everything I said; I’ll be gone and be no longer in pain. You won’t hurt me anymore.

Submitted by: Bbqgurl

Tell him I hate him. Tell him I don’t need him. Tell him to have a great life without me. Tell him he means nothing to me. Just don’t tell him I said this with tears in my eyes.

Submitted by: Andrea

I want to go back to the time…
when the only thing that could “hurt” were “skinned knees”
when the only things “broken” were your “toys”
when “goodbyes” only meant till tomorrow.

Submitted by: lola

I keep playing that same song over and over because all of it reminds me of you and how special you made me feel.

Submitted by: Alyssak

If you could read what’s in my heart you’d be in tears.
– me.
I don’t know why I love you still, even after this, but darling I still do.
You were my one and only , but you left me feeling lonely.
Baby, I wanna say I hate you , but then I’d be a liar like you.

Submitted by: Darian

You may not know why, but it had to stop for a good reason: It was never meant to be.

Submitted by: Meg

The hardest part about us breaking up is letting go of the last piece of my heart. The saddest part isn’t that we never talk and love anymore, it’s that we never talk and love like we used to. Never be sad because it’s over, just be glad that it was once yours and beautiful. And look at us as a broken mirror, with us breaking up it’s better to leave it broken than hurt ourselves more trying to fix it. I wish I could gather all the tears you made me cry over the past few years since we have been back together, so I could drown in them. My heart hurts bad, but it will get better, the scars that I can feel on my heart will always be a reminder of us.

You say you never stopped loving me, but you did stop showing it.

You changed my life, I loved you like no other, and I believed for a long time, that you loved me like no other. I want you to move on! And when you meet, whoever she is or will be, just remember this babe, the grass isn’t greener on the other side if you forget to water that grass too.

I love you, end of our story, don’t close your book on love, its just time to turn the page! I don’t know what hurts more, knowing that I still and always will love you more than anyone ever and missing you bad, or knowing you can’t love me like you used to and you meeting someone new.

I did a lot of thinking last night, was writing down a lot of my thoughts. And I have come to this: I would rather go to my grave loving you, than live everyday not feeling your love.

Submitted by: Annie

Yeah, I’ve told plenty of guys that I dated that I love them. But with you.. From the very first time I said it, I knew it was different.. It felt different when I told you, I knew it was real. That’s what true love is. You always said you loved me more than I loved you. But the only problem now is.. I still love you. But you moved on. I tell you I still love you.. And I feel stupid. Yes, I know I’m not very smart, I feel stupid a lot, but this is a different kind of stupid. It’s the kind where you love someone with all your heart.. And they have completely moved on. Where does that leave me? I can’t concentrate on anything.. After a few minutes my mind wanders off.. And I start day dreaming. I re- play all of our memories in my mind, from the first time we met.. The first time we talked.. The first time we hung out.. The first time we hugged.. The first time we held hands… Our first kiss… Our last kiss.. All the times you made me laugh.. It was the best time of my life. No guy ever made me feel the way you made me feel.. No guy fought for me when I broke up with him.. No guy dumped me six days after he fought for me.. I love you. Still. I miss you. With all my heart. Forever and always.

Submitted by: Abby

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