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Only in the midst of challenging moments do you find your inner strength.

To create a new standard, you have to be up for that challenge and really enjoy it.
– Shigeru Miyamoto

Reality challenges and rewards. I believe our best days are yet to come.
– George Bush

I think in life we want to challenge ourselves.
– Charlize Theron

If you keep sending away every person who challenges you, you’ll never grow. Some people are in your life to sharpen you.

It’s going to be a massive challenge but I wouldn’t have taken it on if I didn’t think it was possible.
– Glenn Hoddle

Everyone faces the challenge of finding meaning to their suffering.
– Phil McGraw

Life’s every challenge is the best disguise of happiness so make sure not to do the shortcut.

Submitted by: Ayen Suu Kulit

I like playing in Italy. It was a challenge I wanted since very early in my career.
– Ronaldo

The challenges in life do not stop you from reaching your desire but rather give you a clue of what you are desiring.

Submitted by: John francis

Challenges make us grow, so smooth a life gives you no experience. Point out to a river that flows without obstacles it ends into a stagnation, a swamp to bread mosquitoes and many worms harmful to lives, but a river with obstacles in its course flows too far to its mouth benefiting many in its way. Therefore, the world of rivers reflects ones life because if the earth would be that flat no rivers would be there but swamps in few areas.

Submitted by: Shajuaba

Challenges in life should inspire you, never ever let them deprive you.

Submitted by: Laureen Rivera

Give challenges to those who have the character to face them.

I keep forgetting you’re technologically challenged.
– Colleen Hoover

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