Quotes about Child Abuse

Childhood should be carefree, playing in the sun; not living a nightmare in the darkness of the soul.
– Dave Pelzer

Abuse changes your life…Fight Back and change the life of your abusers by Breaking Your Silence on Abuse!
– Patty Rase Hopson

The only reason why child abuse is alive today, is because we as adults fail our children when we fail to listen to them. Listen to a child today!
– Heather McClane

Abuse manipulates and twists a child’s natural sense of trust and love. Her innocent feelings are belittled or mocked and she learns to ignore her feelings. She can’t afford to feel the full range of feelings in her body while she’s being abused—pain, outrage, hate, vengeance, confusion, arousal. So she short-circuits them and goes numb. For many children, any expression of feelings, even a single tear, is cause for more severe abuse. Again, the only recourse is to shut down. Feelings go underground.
– Laura Davis

It shouldn’t hurt to be a child.


Whilst child abuse may be committed behind closed doors, it should never be swept under the carpet.
– Constance Briscoe

It’s important to talk about it. You raise awareness. But you can also prevent child abuse by not letting it be a secret.
– Chris Witty

Unfortunately, I experienced some sexual abuse. It was a known and admitted fact of life amongst us that there was this particular man, and you didn’t want to be left in the dressing room with him. It took many years to come to terms with it and to forgive those incidents that I felt had deeply hurt me.
– Gabriel Byrne

Child abuse is a problem no one really talks about. Abuse and neglect is the number 1 cause of injury to children in the country. More children die of abuse or neglect than of natural causes.
– Donna Miller

A lot of people in our community don’t want to believe that child abuse happens in their neighborhoods but it does.
– Shari Pulliam

I was angry about the fact that my father would beat my mother on a daily basis, that my mother would take it in turn and beat on me. I was an abused child. I was mad about all those things, very bitter and very angry.
– Rick James


Mental anguish always results from the avoidance of legitimate suffering.
– Stefan Molyneux

Child abuse casts a shadow the length of a lifetime.
– Herbert Ward

Most of the people we see don’t want to live in a shelter and feel safe in their own little camp. Experience has taught me that almost 100 percent of these people suffered abuse as children. Well over half have emotional, mental problems. Most have drug and alcohol problems.
– John Gallagher

The consequences of your denial will be with you for a lifetime and will be passed down to the next generations. Break your Silence on Abuse!
– Patty Rase Hopson

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