Choice Quotes and Sayings

Commitment: It’s the little choices everyday that lead to the final results we’re striving for.

The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another.
– William James

I don’t regret any of the decisions I’ve made in my life because with every choice I make, I learn something new.
– Siva Kaneswaren

Life is made up of choices, choose wisely.

Submitted by: Ken

Choice, not chance, determines destiny.

Submitted by: Dawn

Sometimes the wrong choices bring us to the right places.

The absence of alternatives clears the mind marvelously.
– Henry Kissinger

Love is never a choice, but relationship is definitely a choice.

Submitted by: Zishim

The choices we make dictate the lives we lead!

Submitted by: Samantha

When we feel good about the choices we’re making and when we’re engaging with the world from a place of worthiness rather than scarcity, we feel no need to judge and attack.
Brene Brown


Our lives are fashioned by our choices. First we make our choices. Then our choices make us.
Anne Frank

Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice; it is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved.
– William Jennings Bryan

Ignorance is the enemy, curiosity the weapon of choice.
– Peter D. Ward

Every moment of life is a challenge to choose. Some win, some lose.

Submitted by: RVM

People make decisions, and maybe you don’t always agree, but those choices are still their own.
– Brenna Yovanoff

A habit is only a habit until you can observe it. And then it’s a choice.

Your choices have more consequences than your impulses.
Alan Robert Neal

May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears.
Nelson Mandela

Today is my tomorrow. It’s up to me to shape it, to take control and seize every opportunity. The power is in the choices I make each day. I shape me.

Submitted by: someone

Sometimes it’s not always about destiny. Sometimes it’s just a matter of choices and decisions.

Submitted by: Junaid

My choice early in life was either to be a piano player in a whorehouse or a politician. And to tell the truth, there’s hardly any difference.”
Harry S. Truman

In life, some laugh, some cry, some live, some die. The choice is ours to crawl or to fly.

Submitted by: RVM

Be grateful you are not like a rock that has no choice. The sun shines on it, the waves splash at it. You have a choice to move and to make your dreams come true.

Submitted by: RVM

Moving on can mean that you’re making a choice to be happy rather than hurt. It doesn’t mean that you’re giving up.

Today’s happiness depends on yesterday’s choice, just as today’s choice will determine tomorrow’s happiness.

Submitted by: RVM

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