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Don’t let today’s disappointments cast a shadow on tomorrow’s dreams.
Dream Quote: Don’t let today’s disappointments cast a shadow...

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Submitted by: Sweetlipsjj69

Dream as you will live forever, live as you would die tomorrow!

Submitted by: Lisab

Dream like you’ll live forever…live like you’ll die today!
Dream Quote: Dream like you’ll live forever…live like you’ll...

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Submitted by: Archie

People who are too weak to follow their own dreams, will always find a way to discourage yours.

Submitted by: passionberry

Judge of your natural character by what you do in your dreams.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Dream Quote: Judge of your natural character by what...

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When you wake up in the morning,you have two choices, to sleep and continue to dream or to wake up and chase them.

Dream Quote: When you wake up in the morning,you...

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Submitted by: srikanth srinivas

It is difficult to say what is impossible, for the dream of yesterday is the hope of today and the reality of tomorrow.
– Robert Goddard


The key to success is waking up and stop dreaming and chase your dreams.

Submitted by: deon

Nothing happens unless first a dream.
– Carl Sandburg


Devote yourself to an idea. Go make it happen. Struggle on it. Overcome your fears. Smile. Don’t you forget: this is your dream.

Dream Quote: Devote yourself to an idea. Go make...

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No lower can a man descend than to interpret his dreams into gold and silver.
Khalil Gibran


Thoughts are but dreams till their effects be tried.
William Shakespeare


To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe.
– Anatole France


Self- esteem must be earned! When you dare to dream, dare to follow that dream, dare to suffer through the pain, sacrifice, self- doubts, and friction from the world, you will genuinely impress yourself.


You see things; and you say, Why? But I dream things that never were; and I say, Why not?
George Bernard Shaw


Our dreams drench us in senses, and senses steps us again in dreams.
– Amos Bronson Alcott


Don’t be afraid of the space between your dreams and reality. If you can dream it, you can make it so.
– Belva Davis


Don’t keep your dreams in your eyes, they may fall as tears. Keep them in your heart so that every heartbeat may remind you to convert them into REALITY.
– Nishan Panwar


If the only place where I could see you was in my dreams, I’d sleep forever.


We dream to give ourselves hope. To stop dreaming – well, that’s like saying you can never change your fate.
– Amy Tan


In dreams and in love there are no impossibilities.
– Janos Arany


A man is not old until regrets take the place of dreams.
– John Barrymore


Laughter is timeless. Imagination has no age. And dreams are forever.
– Walt Disney

Dream Quote: Laughter is timeless. Imagination has no age....

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Submitted by: Suzy Baker

Dream no small dreams for they have no power to move the hearts of men.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


When you cease to dream, you cease to live.
– Malcolm S. Forbes

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