Fate Quotes and Sayings about Kismet

You can’t escape your fate.

Submitted by: amanda

Human being always have their own fate, we could not avoid.
Man thinks, but fate decides.

Submitted by: Narin

Everything happens for a reason, luck and fate are the same thing. It just depends on how you look at life.

Fate…An unknown force that man has made as an excuse for all the wrong that man itself has created. Can’t you see; there is no such thing as fate, only arrogance of mankind itself.

Submitted by: Paul

Everything happens for a reason… Which are inevitable

Submitted by: Arun

Most people live and die with their music still unplayed, they never dare to try.

Submitted by: SUPRITH

“fate plays cruel jokes but stll laugh”

Submitted by: Daniel m. Craft

Fate makes failure more reasonable, and bearable.

Submitted by: kasirye william

Only fate can judge me.

Submitted by: Ash Shah

Sometimes you try your best in life. But then your fate reminds you that it is in power of your life. As a lucky man will be able to do the impossible in one way and a unlucky man will try hundred ways but still will be unable to do anything. – Faiza
(the angelwithouthalo)

Submitted by: Faiza Hossayn

FATE= fantastic and terrifying ending. But it’s all good

Submitted by: haylee

Fate is word that only exist in the dictionary of a man who can not fight for his survival and future.

Submitted by: UKA NNACHI

Choice, not chance, determines destiny.

Submitted by: Dawn

Evil hearts don’t change without hope. But good hearts change. The turn evil and twisted till you don’t know them

Submitted by: The one who loves her

Faith is the Host of the Unknown, watever where ever that might be.

Submitted by: edmund peters

Fate only exists because theres a word for it.

Submitted by: mike

No matter what the outcome is to anything know that, everything happens for a reason :)

Submitted by: No Matter What Ill Always Love You

Fate is something like trap, it check our wise.

Submitted by: Janath Pelmadulla

Fate has nothing to do you what you’re doing because you decide what you want to do…

Submitted by: Louise

Fate is just a fancy way of saying luck.

Submitted by: Harout

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