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Sometimes you try your best in life. But then your fate reminds you that it is in power of your life. As a lucky man will be able to do the impossible in one way and a unlucky man will try hundred ways but still will be unable to do anything. – Faiza
(the angelwithouthalo)

Submitted by: Faiza Hossayn

FATE= fantastic and terrifying ending. But it’s all good

Submitted by: haylee

Choose to take Fate by the neck and shake the living heck out of her.

Submitted by: I

DESTINY – something people invented because they can’t stand the fact that everything happen is the result of there own choices.

Submitted by: paul wilvern casonete

Fate is word that only exist in the dictionary of a man who can not fight for his survival and future.

Submitted by: UKA NNACHI

A man that sits alon and wait for fate to happen will never be happy but a man who will go out and make his own fate will always be happy.

Submitted by: Morgan Paiement

Fate is just a fancy way of saying luck.

Submitted by: Harout

No matter what the outcome is to anything know that, everything happens for a reason :)

Submitted by: No Matter What Ill Always Love You

Fate has nothing to do you what you’re doing because you decide what you want to do…

Submitted by: Louise

Fate is something like trap, it check our wise.

Submitted by: Janath Pelmadulla

Fate only exists because theres a word for it.

Submitted by: mike

Faith is the Host of the Unknown, watever where ever that might be.

Submitted by: edmund peters

Evil hearts don’t change without hope. But good hearts change. The turn evil and twisted till you don’t know them

Submitted by: The one who loves her

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