Flirting Quotes, Sayings, Pick Up Lines - Page 11

Boy: Are you wearing perfume?
Girl: Yeah, it’s Victoria’s secret
Boy: Oh well I could’ve sworn there was love in the air ;)

Submitted by: Daphne

Boy: Don’t go away!!!
Girl: Why?
Boy: Because you are my oxygen. I can’t breathe without you.

Submitted by: Gina Q

Heres something a guy said to my sis
“do you have a band- aid”
“no why”
“cause I just cut myself falling for you <3″
i thought it was reeally cutee

Submitted by: Emma

I looked into the starry night above and realized there were no stars…
That’s because god put them in your eyes ;)

Submitted by: Lana

I looked through all the doors and I looked through all the windows but I didn’t see the sunshine until I saw you.

Submitted by: Cord

One reason God created time was so that I could spend mine with you

Submitted by: Anup

I play basketball !
Could I get your name and number ?
So I can put it on my jersey ;D

Submitted by: Mily [;

Life is for living,
I live for you
Dreams are for dreaming
I dream for you
Hearts are for beating
Mine beats for you
Angels are for keeping
Can I keep you?

Submitted by: Tay Tay

When you smile you look like a diamond in the night sky

Submitted by: Albert kim

The mirror is lucky because every time you look into it, it gets to look back at you.

Submitted by: A-ToM

Hey, i’ve got 2 words for you.
I love you.
Huh, isn’t that 3 words?
Cuz you & I are one.

Submitted by: Cheryl

Your smile sends me to heaven.
and on a scale from 1-10, youre 11!

Submitted by: miguel

Guy: is your father a robber?
girl: no
guy: well that’s weird cos I swear that he stole the stars from the sky and put them in your eyes.

Submitted by: yopedro

Boy: can I ask you something?
girl:sure what is it?
boy:is that your brain on the floor?
boy:oh must be mine cause when I saw you, you blew my mind!

Submitted by: Daniel Nimmo

You’re lips are like vodka, and I want to get wasted.

Submitted by: nicole

Heaven just called,they said an angel is missing

Submitted by: frangito ngimwa

Your parents must be bakers , coz’ ur a cutie pie

Submitted by: john s

You may fall from the sky, you may fall from a tree, but the best way to fall… Is in love with me

Submitted by: Lizzzz

Roses are red, violets are blue,
you know I’ve got my eyes on you!

Submitted by: Wadeeyyy

I just ate some Skittles.
Wanna taste the rainbow?

Submitted by: Taste The Rainbow

“I lost my teddy, will you sleep with me”

Submitted by: Dyon

Boy: “Did it hurt?”
Girl: “Did what hurt?”
Boy: “Falling out of heaven”
Girl: “No, you were there to catch me and I fell straight into your arms”

Submitted by: Dyon

Boy: I just realised something (smiles)
Girl: what?
Boy: I Love You

Submitted by: John_Beyy

The best thing about me is …You.

Submitted by: Max

Penguins stick together for life. Will you be my penguin?

Submitted by: Hei

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