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Boy: Are you a dog whisperer??
Girl: No, why?
Boy: Cause you make me go Woof Woof!

Submitted by: Pkmn21

I looked into the starry night above and realized there were no stars…
That’s because god put them in your eyes ;)

Submitted by: Lana

You remind me of how my dad fell in love with my mom.

Submitted by: derrick

Give me my heart back

Submitted by: genna

I looked through all the doors and I looked through all the windows but I didn’t see the sunshine until I saw you.

Submitted by: Cord

Do you know where the bakery is at? Cos I want a cutie pie like you.

Submitted by: Shy Kiddo

Feel my shirt, does it feel like boyfriend material!?!?&lt

Submitted by: BKP

Don’t look at me like that, I’m married.

Submitted by: john murphy

Can I see your eyes, they show so much of me in you.

Submitted by: amairya

Boy:did it hurt
boy: when you fell from heaven to the ground.
girl: :)actually, they kicked me out.

Submitted by: DELion

Boy: Are you wearing perfume?
Girl: Yeah, it’s Victoria’s secret
Boy: Oh well I could’ve sworn there was love in the air ;)

Submitted by: Daphne

Are you an overdue library book cos you have fine all over.

Submitted by: hannah clemens

Knock! Knock!
may I come into your world??
I bring no flowers and gifts but wishes to keep U fresh, prayers to keep you healthy and love to keep you smiling. :)

Submitted by: Jeannine

Boy: would you like to come with me to the home for the aged?
girl? why?
boy: coz I wanna grow old with you. :)

Submitted by: TREB

If you were weed, I’d smoke you whole day.

Submitted by: V&M

I lost my teddy bear… Will you be my teddy bear?

Submitted by: blah blah blah

Did I ever tell you about that star that I lost…well I think I found it.

Submitted by: Joseph Paul

Are you lost ma’am? Because heaven is a long way from here.

Submitted by: prateek

Do you know you have really dark brown eyes? Whenever I look in them I can’t seem to find myself.

Submitted by: JAdude

Good thing I brought my library ticket with me, cause I am checking you out!!

Submitted by: Keezy

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