Flirting Quotes, Sayings, Pick Up Lines

Wanna grow old with me?

Submitted by: Jessica Parmar

Someone please call the police, cos it’s got to be illegal to look that good!

Submitted by: Linda

Your so hot, that I couldn’t tell that it was the middle of winter.

Submitted by: Adib - mwa ha ha!!

Hey did it hurt?
– did what hurt?
when you fell from heaven

Submitted by: Alex

Baby you must be a lighter cause you turn me on..

Submitted by: goof

The police are looking for you to arrest you.
Cos you stole my heart.

Submitted by: Pounds

My boyfriend said this to me.
Me: I don’t know what to talk about.
My Bf: Lets talk about how beautiful you are. <3

Submitted by: Danielle

If you were an island…could I explore you.

Submitted by: luvr gal

Do you have the time?
No. I mean the time to write down your number for me.

Submitted by: nathaniel

Hey, I’m in Club Awesome,
But you should be in Club Beautiful.

Submitted by: awesomewho

For guys wanting a girls opinion: although the pick up lines are cheesy its the best way to make them laugh at your goofy side in thinking that it would work on them but after the jokes just be real. If they don’t like you back then they became an obstacle that helped your heart grow stronger for the real woman of your dreams.

Not every girl is the same just like every guy isn’t. But we all have some similarities and its just to be loved and treated right. Those who play or tease or cheat are looking for those kind of people too despite their actions they just find it hard to show cause its not what their use to receiving.

Submitted by: imperfectlygiftedinnocence101

Are you from Tennessee cause you’re the only ten I see.

Submitted by: Laila

If I could choose which angel to transport me to heaven, it would be you.

Submitted by: RobertM

Flirting is not my style it’s my attitude.

Submitted by: cherry

You like being alone. So do I. But can we do it together?

Submitted by: Duchie

They call me john. But you can call me anytime.

Submitted by: Sajit khadka

Boy: Do you need some water.
Girl: Why?
Boy: Cause you’re on fire tonight!

Submitted by: LoVe

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