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Fat Penguin.
I just wanted to say something that would break the ice. ;)

Submitted by: Amanda

Lets flip a coin, heads you’re mine, tails I’m yours…

Submitted by: vanessa

I didn’t come over here to tell you that you’re beautiful. But as long as I’m here I might as well.

Submitted by: robere

Your lips look lonely! would they like to meet mine?

Submitted by: danyell.

Can I borrow a quarter?
– What for?
I want to call my mother and tell her I just met the girl of my dreams.

Submitted by: iloveyou

Did I die and go to heaven, or do you just look like an angel?

Submitted by: Genemil

Call 911 !!! My heart got a stroke when that handsome guy smiled at me :)

Submitted by: Ella

If you were an island…could I explore you.

Submitted by: luvr gal

Out of all the girls in here you’re the one I’d like to dip in melted chocolate and lick clean.

Submitted by: addi mazurke

I’m like Micheal Angelo and you’re my master piece.

Submitted by: Steven sosa

Do you have a Band- aid? Cause I hurt my knee when I fell for you.

Submitted by: XxOo

Boy: Could you turn your body?
Girl: (Following the boy’s order)
Boy: Oh, know I see. Apparently, not all angels have wings!!
Girl: (Blushing…)

Submitted by: davin

Boy: I can see you when I close my eyes.
Girl: So?
Boy: Just want you to know why I keep closing my eyes.

Submitted by: Adib Lazzara

Boy: Where did you hide it?
Girl: What?
Boy: My heart that you stole.

Submitted by: Adib Lazzara

Kissing is a language of love… So how about a conversation?

Submitted by: bryan

Hi is your name Rebekah? My friends set me up on a blind date. They told me I’d know it was her by finding the most beautiful woman in the room.

Submitted by: dave smith

Boy: I want to be a doctor someday. How about you?
Girl: I just want to be your patient someday.

Submitted by: al

Is your mom looking for a son- in- law?

Submitted by: Dmitriy

Aren’t you tired?…You’ve been running throught my mind all day…

Submitted by: TeamJacob

Boy: Do you like me?
Girl: No way, I don’t
Boy: WOW! Even I don’t… We have similar thoughts… We can be good friends.

Submitted by: Ajay Bakshi

Guy: Do you have a cell phone I can borrow?
Girl: Why?
Guy: Well someone has to call god and tell him one of his angels is missing.

Submitted by: jdizzle701

Are you a cigarette? ’cause you’re smoking and you’re addictive.

Submitted by: DDaAnn

I’m sick, my medicine is to talk to you.
See these keys?You like them?I wish I had one to your heart.
Do you have a name?Or could I call you mine?

Submitted by: Mystica

Boy- Is your name Samantha?
Girl- No
Boy- Well, Can I just call you beautiful?

Submitted by: jbeck

If I had a nickle for every time I saw a girl as pretty as you…I’d have 5 cents right now!
You’re so sweet, you can put sugar out of job!

Submitted by: MirandaEnglish!

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