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When you get down to nothing, God is always up to something.

Submitted by: shavoris brown

It is better to have God over your shoulder, than carry the world alone on your back.
Anthony Liccione

God Quote: It is better to have God over...

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God isn’t religon, get your facts straight

Submitted by: Tears Shed Heart Torn

If you want to know how much knowledge God has, just go the ocean with a pin, put the pin in the water then take it out, the water that’s stuck on the pin is the knowledge we all humans have and the rest is God’s.

Submitted by: Hussein

Seven days without prayer makes one weak!

God Quote: Seven days without prayer makes one weak!

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Submitted by: JESCAMP

God wouldn’t put you in difficult situations if he didn’t believe you couldn’t get through them.

Submitted by: Isabelle Roy

It is love of God that we are living in this world and doing every thing as we like, ignoring the prayers and duties of God to be performed, as this life is our trial and justice will be done to one and all on the day of resurrection.

Submitted by: liaqath

God does not play dice with the universe.
Albert Einstein

God Quote: God does not play dice with the...

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I don’t know where God is, who God is or what God is… But God is!!

Submitted by: RVM

God’s last name is not “Dammit”.

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