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If someone’s leaving, there is someone’s coming.

Submitted by: Rizz Mary Ann Alum

I’m afraid, afraid to see your face again, afraid of all those feelings rushing back… Maybe just maybe…i’m most afraid of being in love with you still… And that’s what I fear the most…

Submitted by: Miranda

When it comes to an end, just remember the melody and how you once sang those three special words.

Submitted by: Daniel Mckeown1291

Don’t say goodbye to someone you’ll see again.

Submitted by: Jude ike

G- Good riddance!
O- Obviously I don’t love you any more
O- Oh you’re going
D- Don’t!
B- Believe me I was bluffing!
Y- Yes I still love you!
E- Easy to say, but hard to do…

Submitted by: hey999999

Listen to your heart, before you tell him goodbye.

Submitted by: sum

When someone says goodbye, and they leave, you spend time in memories that show you what you had, and when you realize what you had, you’ll never take that for granted again.

Submitted by: Kishan M Swami

You loved me, I loved you. You hurt me so bad and left me no other choice but to hate you. I never wanted to grow apart… My heart is so fragile and sweet and I gave all of it to you but you took it for granted. Goodbye.

Submitted by: Shima

The day you said goodbye was the day my heart shattered to pieces.

Submitted by: Stud muffin

Every teardrop is all the memories we shared, now that it’s a goodbye.

Submitted by: Stud muffin

The hardest goodbyes are the ones that aren’t said or explained.

Submitted by: heart-broken

The good in goodbye is the times you laughed, loved, and lived with that person.

Submitted by: Sara

Saying goodbye is other form of saying some one to have a better start of their life.

Submitted by: vibin

How do you say goodbye to such great memories together? How do you say goodbye to so many laughs together? How do you say goodbye to the person who means the world to me?
The truth is :
You don’t .. No matter how hard you try , the memories are always with you .. No matter how hard you try , the laughs turn into tears. No matter how hard you try , that one special person will always have a place in your heart.

Submitted by: ilovemybestfraand

Goodbye is just but a word and becomes more than just letters when you tie feelings of love, passion, and other emotions with memories, and depart with it all.

Submitted by: Scarlet

Sometimes saying goodbye is the best way to stop hurting yourself.

Submitted by: syafiqah bte razak

I won’t ever truly be able to say goodbye to you, cause you’ll always be in my memories.

Submitted by: Kaytlyn

When I said goodbye, I didn’t mean forever, what I wanted was for you to chase after me…instead I got whatever.

Submitted by: Sarina

Saying goodbye is hard but it’s better than chasing after someone who isn’t chasing you back.

Submitted by: Laura

Goodbye is not the end…it’s one way of showing acceptance…that not all things are meant to last forever…don’t hesitate to say goodbye, instead convince yourself that it’s somehow, a part of what we call ‘”WONDERFUL LIFE”

Submitted by: janz

If saying goodbye & moving on is so easy for you, why do you keep texting me?

Submitted by: samantha

Saying goodbye is like saying hello to new possibilities.

Submitted by: Sarah Jane Templa Wales

We say goodbye only when we know that our loved ones will be happier without us.

Submitted by: Ashish

Never say goodbye if you know you’ll see that person again. It’s that simple.

Submitted by: Jessica

Even though you’re gone, You’ll always be in my heart.

Submitted by: Kiki Patterson

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